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How to tell a guy he smells bad?

Customer Question

How to tell a guy he smells bad?
Submitted: 13 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  akchilly1 replied 13 years ago.
is this a guy you like? live with? work with?

what actually smells? his body, breath, underarms? All the above?

if its a guy you like, you can get him a nice Bath and Body Works basket filled with nice body washes and stuff that are just for men. (and in that same basket put some breath mints!)

good luck
Expert:  amopizza replied 13 years ago.
I used to work with this guy who stunk real, real bad so we just had the foreign people tell him he stinks, but in a nice way. He was less angry with them because they were new here and didn't really know better and everybdy else was just jerks.
Expert:  Ishani replied 13 years ago.
If he's your partner, just invite him to a shower together before you get to doing anything, and rave about how nice he smells and how much he turns you on. Then gift him a deo that you really like.

If he's just a friend, just go ga ga about this imaginary person you met and who smelled yummy, and then ask him "Don't you wish everyone knew that people should smell good as well as look good?" or something like that. He will think it's a general conversation but will be forced to think about the way he smells. And, gift him a deo on his birthday.
Expert:  k.wotton replied 13 years ago.
if he is your friend i would just tell him in a concerned way. some people dont know that they smell. just tell him that you dont want to make him feel bad or embarassed. tell him that you are only tell him this because you would expect him to tell you if the situations were reversed because he is your friend and friends look out for each other like that. tell him that sometimes he doesnt smell very good and you wanted to let him know incase he didnt know. if you want to make light of the situation make up a story about how once your feet smelled and you swore it wasnt your feet because they didnt smell to you but one day someone important noticed and you were really embarassed and you would never want that to happen to anyone as it happened to you.
i had a friend/coworker that used to smell terrible. bad body odor. but it was because he didnt have a washer and dryer and he couldnt afford to clean his clothes. i also think that he couldnt afford deo either. so if thats a possibility with your friend you would want to go about it in a different way and take someone else's suggestion that was already posted.
good luck.
Expert:  KeraLee28 replied 13 years ago.
No one ever wants to have their feelings hurt or feel degraded by others. So tread very lightly with this subject. If this is someone you care for whether be friend or just an acquaintance..they still deserve your respect.
I had a very close friend who had the same problem and this was something that she could not help. She took at least two showers daily,(because she would sweat very badly)and deodorant. However, nothing seemed to work. One day we were at a friends and we were talking about lotions and perfumes etc. and the subject of Shower to Shower with corn starch came up. They have several varieties at your local department stores for men and women. IT not only keeps you dry longer...they smell wonderful!

You could possible try the gift basket as akchilly1 had mentioned or possibly tell your friend that someone had bought you a gift basket and you thought that they may be interested in the extras.

Just remember to treat your friend the same way that you would like to be treated.

I hope this helps! Good-luck