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Wayde Alfarone
Wayde Alfarone, Engineer
Category: Recorders and Players
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Experience:  Engineer at Critical Mass/Icon Enterprises
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I'm attempting to exchange the digital audio board in an

Customer Question

I'm attempting to exchange the digital audio board in an Escient DVDM. There appears to be a ten pin connector with the main board but I do not want to cause any damage to the unit upon removal of the pins. Is there a procedure to follow in order to safely remove the old board and replace it. I have been unable to identify a service manual for the system.
Thank you.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Recorders and Players
Expert:  Rusty replied 1 year ago.

Hello, my name is Rusty. Can you describe the connector? Is it square, or long?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hello,It is approximately 0.5 inches in length and has two rows consisting of 5 pins each. I believe the pin connectior seats into the main board. The connector on the replacement board measures 11 mm x 2 mm and has ten pins.Thanks
Expert:  Rusty replied 1 year ago.

Ok, that's a din socket, they come in two different types. One type has a clip on one of the long edges that needs to be moved out of the way and wiggled to break it free before it is pulled straight up. The other has two clips on the short ends that you grab with needle nosed pliers and wiggle it to break it free, then pull straight up.

I have found that sometimes it's easier to remove it from the opposite end, but that is not always the case. The worst that can happen is a solder joint can fracture, and the solder will need to be re-flowed.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I am reasonably new to this so I do not wish to fracture any solder joints. Is there a way to discern exactly which type I am working with in this specific case? Can I establish by examining the socket further.Thanks
Expert:  Rusty replied 1 year ago.

Yes, look at the long sides, do you see a clip? If not, then it's going to be on the short sides. If you send me pictures I can tell you for sure. The main idea here is to wiggle it out without bending the PCB. Also don't touch the solder joints on the new board, static from your body can fry the electronics. It only takes a little bit.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Sorry, I am having difficulty attempting to upload the files.
Expert:  Rusty replied 1 year ago.

Do you see the paper clip icon?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Image 1880 shows the replacement card; image 1881 shows the old card in the unit with the pin connectors. Any further insight you might share would be appreciated.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Rusty,Based upon my brief review of the subject, din connectors are circular.
Expert:  Rusty replied 1 year ago.

I don't want to steer you the wrong way, that's not a din. I'll open the question back up to all experts. Don't rate my service and you won't be charged twice.

Expert:  Rusty replied 1 year ago.

BTW, there are tons of DIN connectors. The white ones are DIN.

Expert:  Wayde Alfarone replied 1 year ago.

Hi my name is*****'m a 30 year audio engineer. I think I can help.

Expert:  Wayde Alfarone replied 1 year ago.

The type of connector you are working with is a 10 pin header connector

Expert:  Wayde Alfarone replied 1 year ago.

These are used on many PC boards. They do not have a clip or anything like that to lock it in place.

Expert:  Wayde Alfarone replied 1 year ago.

I used to be a rep for Escient back in the day, this is not difficult.

Expert:  Wayde Alfarone replied 1 year ago.

If I remember correctly, the board assembly is only locked in at the top.

Expert:  Wayde Alfarone replied 1 year ago.

But on some models, not even there. Let me know when you're ready to do the swap.

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