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Michael, Technician
Category: Recorders and Players
Satisfied Customers: 9568
Experience:  I have been working on VCR/DVD and CCTV systems and all the other consumer electronics for 20+ years.
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No, different models but the other is unavailable to get too

Customer Question

Hi Michael, no, different models but the other is unavailable to get too for about a week but it is about 3 years younger, I have used this remote for both recorders by pressing a button (or 2) to change which recorder it was talking to. The remote was
last used to talk to the recorer that an availed at the moment whist I want to use it to do some re-recording on the one not used recently. look forward to your next message. jeff
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Recorders and Players
Expert:  Michael replied 2 years ago.

Hi Jeff, usually I'm always on here and I reply instantly . But I took a little break sorry for the delays.

Its possible the remote will use the same signals on both units as is. Usually if the brand is the same, you can use it for any of their units.

But if it doesn't it would really be easier to either get another exact replacement remote from a site like or Both of these sites are very good and carry the original remotes for a good price;-)

Or, you could pick up a universal remote from them that will have the operations codes and you would simply use that 1 remote for both units and even other devices. All you do is select device 1,2,3,or 4 by a single button press, then the remote works everything. I do it that way now because I only need the one remote for my TV, DVD, Home theater system and a VCR it controls all my devices and is super easy to use as well.

In any case Jeff, I will stick with you until this is complete.

Please rate kindly thus far, it won't cost you anything to rate my service to you kindly,

Then you can reach me by simply replying to this message anytime.

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Tech Michael