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Category: Recorders and Players
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Thursday 7/9 I have a Panasonic DMR - EA 38V VHS

Customer Question

Hello, Thursday 7/9 I have a Panasonic DMR - EA 38V VHS / DVD Recorder which has crapped out and continues to say " Cannot Read Disc-- Please check disc " " NO READ ". I know it is an old deck---is it possible to clean the laser optics so I could get it to finalize the discs I have already recorded ??? Thank You, ***** (###) ###-#### ***** e-mail at ***@******.*** Peace & Love
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Recorders and Players
Expert:  green-owl replied 2 years ago.
Hi Allen. Yes you can clean the laser with Isopropyl alcohol. It may not be the only cause of the problem. While you have it open you can clean the slider bars that move the laser pickup in and out of the disc. You can also clean the spindle (the part that hold the disc firmly while it turn) as it can get dirty and cause the disc to not be perfectly leveled (the wobble cause a blurry laser return signal.
Lastly, most if not all Panasonic recorder eventually have failing capacitor, so if no maintenance cleaning did the trick this is the next cheap fix if you know how to solder. It is always possible that the laser is out as those don't last forever if you used the unit heavily.