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Panasonic Blu-ray Disc player will not connect to Netflix

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Panasonic Blu-ray Disc player will not connect to Netflix
Hello, my name is Rusty. Can you get to the screen where it gives you a code?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
No. I get the message "Unable to connect to Netflix". From what I've been able to find online, it may be a Blu-ray hardware problem.
I've seen this also, where that particular player has trouble connecting to the DNS server that Netflix needs to run.

In your blu-ray menu, update your firmware. If it doesn't connect to the firmware upgrade, click here and do it manually. Don't touch anything on the player until it's done. It could take 15-20 minutes.

If that doesn't do the trick, tell me your internet service provider so I can look into their compatibility with Netflix.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I tried updating the firmware, and received the message the firmware is up to date. I'm sure there's no way of reloading firmware if it's up to date.
There's no problem between the ISP and Netflix because I get Netflix on a number of other devices using the same home network/router/ISP. Any other suggestions other than junking the DMP-BDT220? (The ISP is CenturyLink DSL.)
Well I think it's safe to say that the player has problems that cannot be solved. I looked through our archives and found the same issue with other customers. Would you like suggestions for players that won't give you any issues?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
One final question: I think the player uses a Viera app to access Netflix. It's possible the app is corrupted. I have been using the player to access Netflix over the two month period since I bought the player. The Netflix connectivity problem started last night. I have been looking for a way to delete the app, so that I can download a new Netflix app form the market site. Do you know how to delete an app?
Well, we can restore it to factory settings and see if that does the trick. It's worth a try, and I have seen the Netflix app get corrupted on other players. It's a computer, with an operating system, and it can from time to time get messed up.

While the unit is off, press and hold [OK],
and [Y] on the remote control at the same
time for more than 5 seconds.
– “00 RET” is displayed on the unit’s display.

Repeatedly press > on the remote or power on the unit, until 08 FIN is displayed on the unit's display.

Press and hold OK on the remote control for at least 3 seconds.

It will now be set to the factory settings.

I'm curious to see if this will work on this model, so please let me know how it works. You will have to set up your other apps as well, this will be like it was when you got it out of the box.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
This doesn't work. When I press OK and Y at the same time, it stays off. Any other way to get to factory reset? The model is DMP-BDT220.
That's weird, click here, look at page 31. (it will automatically download your manual) Perhaps something was lost in translation. Look at the 3 step process in the right column.
I think you may have missed holding B Y and OK. I just saw it, my bad, it was lost in translation.

Let me know what happens.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Still doesn't work with B, Y and K pressed.
It's B, Y, and OK. How long did you hold them down?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Until my thumbs got tired (more than 15 seconds).
Stretch your thumbs... That is the reset procedure. Since it's not working, I'm going to assume that there is a problem with your firmware. It's not recognizing the reset commands, it won't let you go to Netflix... There's a problem with the system's software. Even though the firmware is up to date, it has a problem.

If it's under a year old, I can help you warranty the machine. Other than that, I can tell you which Blu-ray players handle Netflix the best without problems. It's apparent that there is a firmware issue that cannot be fixed by anyone but Panasonic. What would you like to do? I know which machines don't break because I see people with problems here every day. Panasonic generally isn't a bad brand, they just have problem with the ram they used in that machine.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I think I agree. But the firmware worked until a couple of days ago. Is there any way you can tell whether Panasonic did a firmware upgrade within the last several days? Also, how likely is it that Panasonic will do another upgrade within the near future, either because they caught the problem or otherwise?

Also, I would like help with the warranty and a suggestion as to a replacement machine, as you offered. Many thanks..
No, they haven't done an update in the last few days. What I suspect is happening is that the correct firmware is on there, which is why it tells you that the firmware is up to date, but there's a piece of software that has gotten corrupt, which is messing up your Viera. This would require a format and a re-install of your firmware, which you cannot do. That requires special equipment.

For me to help you warranty the player, how long have you had it and where did you buy it? I'll get into my archives for the best player for you in the meantime.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Purchased 05/22/12 at Best Buy #1110, Beaufort SC 29906.
Ok, that's perfect. It may still qualify for their return policy. If not, they warranty the items that they sell. Just take it back to any Best Buy with your receipt, and they will take care of you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
OK. I would still appreciate your recommendation of a player which can consistently connect to Netflix, which would be its primary function.
I am a fan of Panasonic. They don't spice up the gimmicks and make them incompatible with other gear. They tend to be reliable most of the time, they're cost effective, and consistent.

Click here. This one says Hulu, but not Netflix, so be sure to ask the sales guy.

Another brand that I am loyal to, but they cost a bit more is the LG players. I don't recall seeing more than 2 of them come through this site. Click here. It's good if you can establish a hard wired connection to your router, but has no wifi.

And this one is a couple of steps up from what you have. It costs a bit more, but it's on sale right now. Click here. It's built with better parts, so it is more reliable. It has wifi.

Let me know if you have any questions about these players, or if you like one but it's out of your price range. I'll try to find a similar one for cheaper.

I have learned that Best Buy can only warranty your player. Tell them you wish to switch to a different player, and they may exchange it for you, if you have the packaging.
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