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Rusty, Engineer
Category: Recorders and Players
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How do I get my Roku2 XD to connect to my Clear Spot (Wimax)?

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How do I get my Roku2 XD to connect to my Clear Spot (Wimax)? Roku "sees" it, asks for the password, and then hangs up after PW id entered.
Hello, my name is Rusty. Is the Clear spot a public hotspot, or is it something you can subscribe to?

My point, as to save both of us some time, is you cannot connect Roku to public wifi or wimax. If you caught the signal, such as a subscription to clear, with a clear modem, you could then get roku to work.

Tell me if it's public or a subscription. If it's public, don't bother, it can't be done. If you are looking for other options, you're going to have to tell me what your choices are other than a public connection.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
It is a Clear Spot that is my own account subscribed to in my own name. I own the device.
Ok, I disagree with Roku, it "can" be done. Do you have a wireless router? Did they have you do anything to the router?

Tell me what they did so I'm not one of those annoying tech support guys that has you do everything the last tech support guy had you do.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I do have a TrendNet wireless router that is connected to my CenturyLink DSL. It is an open network without encryption. Roku suggested I try to connect to that. I did and the Roku could connect to it - but weakly due to the distance and the intervening walls.

To try to set up Roku with Clear Spot, I followed the instructions that came with the device. On Step 3, it said that the players would automatically detect the wireless network. It did detect the Clear Spot. I selected it and entered the network password XXXXX by the device. There was no response from the Roku box.

I called Roku tech and they said to power down the Clear Spot and to connect to my TrendNet wireless and try that wifi. It did connect and began to update the software (firmware?) in the Roku box and to load the channels. That connection sputtered out after several minutes due to the weak wifi signal, but I believe that the update finished loading and installing, except for all the Roku channels.

I then unplugged the TrendNet wireless router and reactivated the Clear Spot. Again the Roku saw it, I entered the password, but nothing from the Roku from that point on. I have several Clear devices: a Modem with wifi out, and 2 different models of the Clear Spot. Same result with each. I could not try an ethernet wired connection to the Roku2-XD because there is no jack on the device.

In several calls one after the other with Roku Tech Support, I tried these sequences until they told me "can't be done" because Ruku needs to tie into a DNS that can't be accessed through Clear - or something like that. I should have written down exactly what they said - but I didn't.

[Sorry I took so long to reply from earlier today but I had to go to work. Am back home now.]
I see what happened. Your update got interrupted. That's not good. Is the Roku new?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Ok, here's what happened:

Whenever an update is being performed, it's important for the update to complete, otherwise, it damages the equipment. This goes for any of your equipment that needs an update. You need to take it back and tell them that the wireless is faulty. Don't tell them about the interrupted update and you won't be liable. You can exchange it for a new one. Tell them I said your wireless is not working properly. That's not a lie, because it's not working properly.

When you get your new box, move your router and modem closer to your entertainment center. I moved mine close to my TV and computer, and couldn't be happier. If it's not possible, click here. You can use a wireless router repeater. Put this halfway between your router and Roku. It will boost the signal. You will need great signal, due to the fact that Roku only has 128 mb ram, and the buffers are limited. That repeater is for Wireless N. If your router is wireless G, get a wireless G repeater.

I suggest you get a Sony media player instead of the Roku. They are comparable in price, and the Sony works on an Android platform with 512mb ram. It has less hiccups than Roku, and it does the same thing. It has Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, PC stream, and plenty more. It also has an ethernet connection.

As far as the type of internet signal that these boxes can handle, it only matters that it is yours, and not public wimax. If you pay for the internet, and it is dedicated to you, and you control the system, it can be done. The box must have good signal to perform properly. The connection depends on your router.

Let me know if you have any more questions.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks for the advice so far - but I still never got the Roku to connect to the Clear Spot generated wifi which was a mere 2 feet and a strong signal in the first place.
What type of router is the Clear Spot router? Is it a router or modem? Wireless N or G?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I see. That's 4G, not high speed internet. That's why. It's like trying to hook up your Roku with your smart phone. It's meant for general internet usage like checking Facebook and emails. It's fast for small stuff, but they're not made to eat up all of the wireless signal. That way there's enough for everybody. They don't make Roku or any other media player to work with a 4G connection.

The repeater will fix your problem. If at all possible, move your router closer to your system. I'm still concerned about your firmware. I'm surprised it works at all. Take it back, get a fresh one, and set up your internet to send enough signal to your media center. With the repeater, your internet will be better throughout the house.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
It's 4G into the Clear Spot and wifi from the Clear Spot to the end user device - for example my laptop.
Yes, it works the same way as a smart phone with a hot spot. I'm familiar with the type of device. Media players are not designed to connect a 4G hotspot. It's not going to work with Clear Spot, just like it won't work with an Android or iPhone.

4G signal is different, and this is where I agree that the DNS server is the problem. You need the repeater to boost the CenturyLink signal.
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