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How binding are bylaws of a road association in Colorado? I

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How binding are bylaws of a road association in Colorado? I have property inside a gated subdivision the the mountains. 40+ years ago an amendment was added to disallow commercial activity on properties, it was done to hinder a hunting outfit from guiding hunts. It doesn’t seem that a road association, who’s purpose is to maintain roads, shouldn’t be able to govern individual property owners rights on their property. The parcel in question is zoned Open by the county
You would not be guilty of a crime however you could be held liable for breach of contract if you break the terms of the road Association. Seeing as all the Neighbors in the gated community of part of the road Association they might be able to Levy fines or some other form of discipline against a breaching number. Is This is 40 years old perhaps it would help to speak to some of the members who wish to participate in commercial activity of a kind that does not disturb other neighbors and see if that can get either tossed out of the bylaws or kept in the bylaws but at the discretion of the road Association variances be granted for activities that will not interfere with any other use of the road.
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Makes sense, thank you
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