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I have a triple net lease- been here 10 years I have a

Customer Question

I have a triple net lease- been here 10 years
I have a daycare
This year we lost a significant chunk of our business .. the building is infested with rodent among other things - we had a roof cave in- the landlord fixed it- my insurance had to tell him the lease actually interprets that any thing I add I am responsible for- I have not made any upgrades to the place- as far as the rodents he says I am responsible for them- I did get an exterminator and he recommended one as well- however I am told the entire building is infested - so my unit keeps getting re-infested - as you know when parents walk in and find dead miscue in their child cubby-- the star was called by a parent and our center is cited as rodent infested - substantiated --- if the building is infested and he refuses to treat the entire building --now I must rebuild my business - how can I get rent relieve and time to rebuild does he have any responsibility here or is he correct in days if it is not his problem he is only responsible to treat the outside and keep harassing us for high rents in a rodent infestation that he won't help cure while parents are obviously not excited about the condition of the school
The mice eat through the the kids bags at nite
Submitted: 1 month ago.
Category: Real Estate Law
Expert:  Infolawyer replied 1 month ago.
On review of your facts, you have a good case. If he won't agree to adjust rent you may take issue to court. By being prepared and pressing your claim, the other side should feel the pressure and consider the risk of losing and legal fees. That realization can help bring about a settlement! and are both excellent lookup directories. Both highly rated. Both used by lawyers. Easy to search and find local options. You stand to recover not only your actual losses (compensatory damages) but also interest, costs and legal fees. on occasion special damages (punitive damages) are also available. Please let me know if the reply is acceptable by responding "yes" or "acceptable"
Customer: replied 1 month ago.
How would I proceed with my position
Do I need a lawyer or should I collect letters from parents download the citation from the state that includes letters from parent
How can I get him to budge
Expert:  Infolawyer replied 1 month ago.
I would collect support from parents and collectively have a lawyer leverage the group pressure and negotiate, reserving litigation as an option! Please let me know if the reply is acceptable by responding "yes" or "acceptable"