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Michael Bradley
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A request of a friend was a friend of mine. I visited a

Customer Question

My name is Nazila
At a request of a friend was a friend of mine.
I visited a property in South Seattle area and she asked me to design architectural plan for that property which has an exciting old building.
at the first I designed about 2500 SQ feet in the base of the exciting building then they decided to expand that building and again I have designed new design about 2500 SQ feet .also I added parking space and small studio. because of my design, they get approval for 60.000 more loan from money lender company.The invoice for this phase was 8300 for my services that I provide for them and they approve it.
the owner was so existed for my design and ask me to work on another project too.
on Jun 23 we went to Tacoma for site visit and consulting and also he asked me to draw the existing floor plans of building which the city of Tacoma needs those plan for the record and file of that property .that day we visited 4 properties we work on two of them then we back and I worked on drafting of one of them and sent to him the other day.
they approved invoice of 1250 dollars for that services too.
at the begging, they wanted to pay me right away but now he is telling me that he sent to check for 1250 which I did not get any check. and now he said that the mail was a return to him wrong address!
the lady which is involved in this case told me after they get construction loan they pay me.
could you please help me with this case. I am working full time and I used the time off without pay.
I did not work overtime to work on this project and now I am facing to this kind of problems.
could you please let me know what legal action I can get.
Submitted: 10 days ago.
Category: Real Estate Law
Expert:  Michael Bradley replied 10 days ago.

I would put in writing that you are demanding payment. I would give them a period of time to make the payment, say 14 days, at the end of the 14 days if they do not pay you, and that I would file suit against them. You have done the work at their bequest and they have chosen not to pay you. I agree that you should not have to wait for the construction loan to come in. There is no issue with regards ***** ***** work product so that should not be an issue. I think you have been strung along long enough. I would put in writing and then if they don't follow, I would follow suit.