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Category: Real Estate Law
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The following is true the case is still open .. Small Brief,

Customer Question

the following is true the case is still open .. Small Brief , then three questions
If a court appoints trustee to sell a jointly titled property in a divorce, that trustee 5 months later and through a hearing and after refusing subpenoa , finally produces a trustee report after trustor (ME) court refuses to hear anything , judge sites put in exceptions report Thus 34 major exceptions in reply ( Circuit Court AA COUNTY ) very very Corrupt Court..Then court says we refuse to hear anything about a exceptions report.. You get the idea .. Long story short .. Court ordered sold for $725,000 and split .. Trustee never sells or takes possession that I can locate a document on , instead he lets husband just have the house for a self serving interest husband decided on $331,000 , BUT Takes nothing , no money changes hands. Subsequently A stay had been finally issued to the bankrupt wife ( Yes filed Chap 13 2 yr earlier) court demanded supersedes bond from the wife (Bankrupt) they accepted her equity in the home as the bond (Wow) ,the courts have not ratified the 1st contract at this point and to date, but husband has turn around and sold house for $740,000 to new buyers?
# 1 So what can be done .???? To cover all areas of litigation
#2 If the courts finally clean up the mess, which it appears they are starting to, (Case Search has had many changes of late ).. Who am I suppose to get money from ?
The only money that exchanged was from new buyers to husband $740,000. in his possession currently..
Note The trustee testified he isn't sure about anything, the attorney for husband admitted in court he handled the sale and advised both the husband (client) and trustee (guess now a client) not to comply with subpenoa ? In transcripts *****
BTW ..let me add the attorney for husband is a Master at that same Circuit Court , he was appointed by a majority of the judges ( WHAT!)
Question #3 ..What can be done about that trustee (unbonded, naturally) ..he should not have a license to practice law ..
Question #4 What can be done about Husband's atty. No one will file a "Recusal " in this county . He has implicated himself in blatant lies over and over again these past three years . he has falsified documents , he is unable to even proffer ? an answer when asked by the judge .
Now I realize this is alot .. so let me know how to go about getting these answers and associated fees ?
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Real Estate Law
Expert:  Maverick replied 10 months ago.

Welcome to Just Answer! My name is***** give me a few minutes to review your inquiry. Thank you for your patience.

Expert:  Maverick replied 10 months ago.

There are a lot of issues here to cover and a number of additional facts that we may need to discuss. My suggestion is that we do a phone call option on this which is a premium service. The cost for that call is normally $59.00; however based on what you have indicated, it appears that we will be on the phone for at least an hour so the price I have proposed is a bit higher. Please read the disclaimer below and look for and accept the offer I send on your screen if you wish to continue.

Please Note:

(1) The information I provide is general in nature and for educational purposes only. For example, it may help you identify the scope of receiving unbundled legal services from a local lawyer. It should not be construed as “legal advice” or as the rendition of “legal services” on any subject matter. I am not a specialist in any field. This information may not reflect current legal developments for your specific jurisdiction and is not guaranteed to be correct or complete. No attorney-client relationship is established without a signed written agreement and our communications are not confidential. Please do not act or fail to act based on this information alone. If you need legal advice or services regarding a specific matter, you should consult in-person with a local lawyer who can guide you after reviewing all the pertinent details of your situation. This disclaimer also applies to any telephone communications we may have.

(2) Most follow-up questions are answered with in the hour; however, if I am not signed on, please allow up to 24 hours.

(3) When we are done, please assign a feedback rating.

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Maverick , I have no problem with a phone call and certainly there is a lot in the mix, however I think after reading my summary you should be able to give me an insight as to whether or not you could offer suggestions of legal actions I could pursue if any ..... If that is case , in all honesty it wouldn't be until Monday that I could dedicate an hour on the phone without being disturbed .. If both of those are realistic for you , then I'm ok with the initial proposed call .. I have counsel currently but I am reaching out for real estate expertise area in case there are actions that we have not pursued, which I gave you the background on .. Let me know if you want to schedule Monday anytime between 11am -2pm
Expert:  Maverick replied 10 months ago.


Based on what you have written I am not seeing so many real estate issues as I am seeing breach of fiduciary duty issues and corruption related problem in obtaining a just outcome. I just recently finished litigating a similar case for 6.5 years and through six courts, including the US Supreme Court. I am happy to offer you my insights if you are interested as I left no stone unturned in the [3,000 plus hours] long process.

Monday at 2 pm your time sounds can think about my offer till then and accept it closer to the time of the call. If you do that, be sure to type in your phone number in this screen so that I may call you.

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
OK .. good plan .. .. thank you (###) ###-####Text .. email***@******.***
Expert:  Maverick replied 10 months ago.

Okay then, will wait to hear from you on Monday....