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Law Educator, Esq.
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I sold house as is to Buyer. Making payments. then stated in

Customer Question

I sold house as is to Buyer. Making payments. then stated in our demise she gets house.
This will be stated in trust. It's a simple 4 line contract. She started payments in April 2012. We didn't make her pay our purchase price just gave her that. She was seperated when we did this. She is own Ssi makes all payments improvementsince utilities. Doesn't comingled money. He has been in and out from jan2013 seperated because his Meth and pot use. Domestic violence he never worked. She went to bury her son in Texas in Aug. Turned utilities off until return. Her husband stayed thier paying month to month 400. She came back Dec to her home. To file divorce ect. He was living thier with women a heroin addiction son . The Violence was now from all of them. She was thier thru Jan. Threatened .
They were own Meth and told they were going to set her up for hurting them and file restraining order. Because of domestic violence and threatening the saftey of her children and grandchildren.Husband and three adults Beating her handicap son and fiance dragging them out of house. They lived there for 3 years. Police disregarded it . Made my son walk away. She was in hospital. Had restraining order on him the husband came to hospital showed picture of son said your next took her to drop restraining order. Sent her family to Texas for saftey. She knew judge ordered if dropped this one she couldn't get another ever.Her husband as abusing her in January was Reming her know one to help. Couldn't get another restraining order. When her son was beat she tried to go before Judge to explain the terror that had happened. Judge denied her appearance. She left in. Jan. She Been in hospital 3 times. Theraphy now strong reading to come home. her cars her house her 90 percent of contents.contents prior to marraige. He's gainfully employed has another woman no utilities sewer water electricity trash. He owed 2600 dollar bill from before. Now he knew she was coming back somehow and wants to get utilities but they looked at the wife's contract he not own. No paperwork to show Title Holder has given him. He filed divorce and filing community property own house. He is out own bail for big Drugs Bust 1000 pds of pot and 950 plants guns Meth. I want give him paperwork to have in title ment to be thier. Can I as Property owner get fined. If city finds out they will make them move but fine me penalty. He has not pd rent because he blames me no utilities. Trying to force me to give him rental agreement or add to purchase agreement. The contract is we thought good. But how can I reinforce it in trust to secure not community property. Also she took all money she had hired attorney for divorce and house . I filed 3 day pay quiet he was two months behind then I served a 30 day notice he responded court was Sept 2 but the lawyer put gift not inheritance. I couldn't lie under oath. So vacated. It turned out this lawyer is fraudulent and has scammed many. My purchaser has no money left for a lawyer. Without a lawyer she can't get restraining order or motion to move in her house. spousal support attorneys fees. And fight for facility of contract. What's fastest way to get him out. He has numerous traffic drug dealing and party's. Traded her Mitsubishi 5 speed Convertable spider hers before marraige mint condition for a BMW looked nice has salvage title and a 2000 Mercedes. They are not registered sitting thier for couple of years now plates. HE WANT LET HER HAVE THEM.He fraudulently signed her name own cardiac to girlfriend. He sold her GMC*****truck. Can we have BMW AND Mercedes hauled off and registered. His divorce case was Sept 6 he just has it pending. I just want her to get her cars she's 58 and own foot. Would she be able to do that since divorce hasnt been served.She's own SSI disability. This house will be all she can ever afford to live in. The cars she would sell Mercedes to get The BMW going Rd worthy. I don't want to get penaltys own house inspection would open can of worms. So want to avoid that. If she put utilities in her name would that help her claim to move back in. Then I could start eviction again if you couldn't. figure out quicker way. It's in Redding California. Are thier any probono attorneys in NORTHERN California. She will get eat up if without a attorney. She's had very sad luck. police officer said this attorney scam might be awhile before they find him I am 79 and lost my eviction money. Have any good advice. it's Redding ca.Shasta County. The mean judge that said if canceled restraining order he is her divorce judge. This is complicated. Her whole life could be ruined.
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Real Estate Law
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 10 months ago.
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.
If he is not authorized to be in the property, she has to do an eviction, you are not really property owner if you sold her the property, she is the owner. You can have her evict him or you can assist her in getting her a lawyer and getting this done and getting a restraining order as well. She is going to be the person that has to pursue the matter. She cannot touch the cars unless they are titled in his name and he signs the title. I would suggest though that you get an attorney from out of the area and have them get him evicted AND also assist in suing the first attorney who took your money and get your money back from them.
Those are really the only options you have here. You can go to legal aid nearby and hope they can assist her in representing her to get him out, but if they cannot, you need to do what you can to help her get another attorney and also to get an attorney to sue the first attorney.

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