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Ok I've rent this two car garage for 4years it was only the

Customer Question

Ok I've rent this two car garage for 4years it was only the loft or attic space it had a sink a 24 inch electric oven and range toilet and tub hot water tank was a 110 volt five gallon holding tank the only usable space was the 10 foot by the lengh of the garage it had 10 foot 10 bedroom on the lower floor only assesable by the back door of the garage there was electrical problems no sideing on the back the landlord removed for a one of his jobs i offered to supply the the material and labor to correct the problems that I would come across while living in this place and upgrade or finish off the lower floor space if you would reimburse me for my material and trade for labor for my rent so in the last 4 years I removed the garage doors framed in the front door opening in window a back door window shored up the building's structure with 2x6 exterior walls insulated with r19 rewired the entire building to run off of a 100 amp breaker Graham has exposed electrical wiring in an underground conduit up to a sub panel what is in all the outlets supplied all the outlets and covers insulated walls sheetrock painted carpeting finish off of full bathroom sink jacuzzi bathtub washer and dryer now he said he has sold the property and wants me out what can I do
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Real Estate Law
Expert:  Legalease replied 1 year ago.

Hello there --


Did your Landlord actually agree to your suggestion that you would repair the place for the price of materials and some money off the rent for labor charges? Was it a verbal agreement and did you agree to when the deductions would be taking place off the rent?


Have you received any reimbursements or rent reductions in the last 4 years that you have been making these repairs and renovations to the garage area?