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I want to sue my property management for allowing my sister

Customer Question

I want to sue my property management for allowing my sister and I, two college students, to move into a property(apt) that already had bed bugs and not taking the proper action to correct the issue after i notified them 3 weeks ago. Do I have a case?
-Repeatedly asked for extermination
-its been 3-4 weeks since first extermination, yet my sister and i are still getting bit at night
-caught a bug on my pillow on 09/19/16
-have to completely cover my body from head to toe before bed, including hands feet neck and now am constructing a ski mask for my face just to sleep peacefully
-lack of sleep equals lack of focus, we are college students at ODU this is negatively impacting our schoolwork on top of that the paranoia, bug bites, not being able to sleep, having no peace of mind in our home is enough to qualify for personal injury
-I find it completely unfair that MM had us sign a bed bug addendum form before receiving the keys to the apartment only for us to find the apartment had bed bugs when we moved our items inside. We reported it to Management immediately and instead of them taking the proper precautions (as described in the lease signing) of steaming the carpets and using heat to treat and calling in a professional, they used a backdoor exterminator with store bought sprayed pesticide and that did not work. The problem was not eradicated professionally due to management not wanting to pay the expensive fee that comes with ridding bedbugs, since the bedbugs were already present on the property prior to our moving in it would not be feasible to charge us. We didn’t even know what bedbugs looked like prior to this property. The first night upon arrival a bed bug was spotted on my sisters mattress after the mattress was left idle in the living room for a few hours.
I have gathered a file of all the emails and pictures we sent to management as well as pictures of bed bug bites
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Real Estate Law
Expert:  N Cal Attorney replied 11 months ago.

I am sorry to hear this.

Where did this happen?