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Category: Real Estate Law
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Is a legitimate timeshare company that

Customer Question

Is a legitimate timeshare company that made an offer to buy my timeshare?
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Real Estate Law
Expert:  Ray replied 11 months ago.

Hi and welcome to JA Ray here to help you.

This company is not legitimate.They have scammed several folks.I would not do business with them.


Travel Marketing World, LLC, supposedly operating from Princeton, NJ and working in conjunction with Colonial Title, Inc. out of Athens, GA. Travel Marketing makes the first contact; Colonial Title supposedly handles the money. I’ll concentrate on Colonial, since if one of the companies you’re dealing with is a scam it stands to reason that its partner is also less than legitimate.

Keeping it simple, a company named Colonial Title was formed on 09/23/1999, and later administratively dissolved on 08/26/2011. It was reinstated in January of this year, but not by the original owners (it only cost them $250 to reinstate the corporation). This is a common tactic used by the scammers to make themselves look legit. Note that the website has only existed since February 2016 and will expire in February 2017 — not a convincing sign for a supposedly well established company that claims to have been in business since 1999.

So with this gang you’ve got a company that was dissolved then suspiciously reinstated years later and another company (Travel Marketing) whose legitimacy is questionable. Note that the addresses provided by both companies are suspicious as well. Still want to do business with them?

- See more at:

Expert:  Ray replied 11 months ago.

More recent scamming

Travel Marketing World, LLC., who claim to be from Princeton New Jersey (affiliated with Colonial Title in Georgia). According to a comment on the FTC blog, they are asking for a $3,000 Mexican SAT tax to be paid by in advance by wire prior to closing, which is a classic danger sign of fraud.

I would not do business with these guys at all.

Expert:  Ray replied 11 months ago.

You might want to consider giving it away here is how to do that..

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