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The electric bill was always in my mother's name. She died

Customer Question

The electric bill was always in my mother's name. She died in 1994. Everything between her and my Dad was joint ownership. He did not do an esate, and just continued paying the bill in her name for 10 years. When he died, he had a will and I settled the estate. The house associated with the electric bill came to me. the attorney had said that he would contact the creditors, but the electric bill continued to come in her name. I called the company and asked if it had been changed, They told me that 'your name is ***** ***** account', but that it might take a bit longer to change it from her name to mine. I figured that if my name was on the account, I would just pay it and it would eventually get straightened out. I have payed it for 11 years--perfectly--no missed payments, and usually a credit balance. When I called for service issues and gave them my name, they seemed happy with that.
A couple weeks ago, I called to see what the balance was, and the clerk insisted on having my Mom's id info. I figured that I should try to straighten this out again. I took the bill and my last canceled check and went to the local office. the clerk there closed the account in my Mom's name and opened a new one for me. She did find my name on the account. There was a credit balance on there. She was told by someone in cash receipts that she could not apply this to my new account, that it would have to be "researched" and throwing around terms like 'power of attorney'.
that was a week ago, and I still have not heard anything, and I have no idea who is making the decision.
Am I in trouble for trying to correct this??
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Real Estate Law
Expert:  N Cal Attorney replied 1 year ago.

Thank you for your question.

You wrote that you settled the estate of your father. Were you given Letters of Administration or Letters Testamentary by the Court?

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