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I am trying to buy a house in Ohio. I have state tax liens

Customer Question

I am trying to buy a house in Ohio. I have state tax liens against me from a previous business. The mortgage lender is requesting a subordination agreement. When I applied for the same agreement from the IRS,they said it was not necessary per revenue ruling 68-57. My question is; Is there a similiar code for state of Ohio saying the state tax lien will be 2nd position to a new mortgage. I have been trying to get an subordination agreement from the state since DECEMBER, they tell me it isnt necessary but they will not put that in writing or give me the info to give to my lender. Thank You
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Real Estate Law
Expert:  Phillips Esq. replied 1 year ago.

There is no such similar Code with the state of Ohio. I searched extensively, but came up with nothing. See Ohio Revised Code Section Title 57

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