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Samuel-II, Lawyer
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M****, I am in US on working Visa I booked an apartment paid

Customer Question

my name is*********, I am in US on working Visa
I booked an apartment paid application fees + admin fees ($285) to block an apartment on 24th of June, they did my credit check and it was approved,
when I went back on 2nd of June to sign a lease, they said they can't give me that apartment as tenant are not moving out and they are saying they can only give me another apartment which is $75 more than that.
Do you thing it is not fare with me as they didn't inform me when I booked and they also took fees from me. this seems to be injustice.
Address of Apartment is (The London Luxury Apartments, 350 Perimeter Center N, Atlanta, GA 30346)
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Real Estate Law
Expert:  Samuel-II replied 1 year ago.


This is Samuel. I am sorry to hear of this matter. Did they show you the inside of the apartment you thought you were going to rent? Or how did that work, please?

Expert:  Samuel-II replied 1 year ago.

On your application is there anything about what apartment you were applying for?

Expert:  Samuel-II replied 1 year ago.

Because, this appears to be a "bait and switch" and it is not legal. And so I suggest, that you can tell the manager you want a refund on all of your fees because they defrauded you when they told you the rent would be a certain price for a specific apartment. And tell them if they do not refund your money, so you can go to another apartment complex, you will report them to the Georgia Attorney General for consumer fraud.

Expert:  Samuel-II replied 1 year ago.

Here is a LINK for the information as it pertains to filing a complaint and contacting the Georgia Attorney General. If they do not agree to give you the apartment they had you believe you would be renting and you do not want to rent the other unit, then I suggest you contact the AG and file a consumer "fraud" complaint.

First, however, I suggest you consider doing as I stated above and see how they react to that.

Expert:  Samuel-II replied 1 year ago.

The other thing is you can also tell them that if they don't want to be reported to the AG for consumer fraud, they will agree to rent you the available unit at the price you first agreed upon. But then make sure that is clearly stated in the lease. So if the apartment is $800 and now they say another unit is $875, they need to rent it to your for $800.

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