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I bought my house from a private investor who has had a

Customer Question

I bought my house from a private investor who has had a small firm service the Mortgage. This company, Clearview, had a clerical error and paid the wrong property taxes two years in a row. The city of Charlotte started foreclosure proceedings and only then would they look into my pleas that taxes were not paid. After all this, the city would not return the money, so they added the double taxes to my escrow and tried to collect from me twice. I fought it without a lawyer and they said the legal department was looking into it. Then, without warning, they transferred the Mortgage collection to a new company called Statebridge. I spoke with both companies at that time and neither would talk to me since it was in a sale mode. Since then I have been on the phone with them constantly, but no results. Statebridge keeps saying Clerarview will not talk with them, so I owe them the money. After all this warning, Statebridge has now also paid the wrong taxes as the City is sending me late notices and saying for me to get a lawyer. I have a year for the statue of limitations to run out in order to clear this up with Clearview, and they transfered it in August. Can I get some help to fix this? The taxes are around $900 a year totalling around $2,700. I am debating on hiring a lawyer or just refinancing, but my credit is low due to a bancrupty in 2011. What should I do? I owe 5 more years and about $20,000 (according to my figures, not theirs). I was very sick and not working for a while, but am now. I can pay if it is feasable but is it worth it? HELP - Susie
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Real Estate Law
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I was working on a 1099 as a Virtual Customer Service Agent for a company (AWI Enterprises out of Colorado) and they did not pay me for $1200.00 they owed me in January and Feb of 2015. They said they had $40,000 taken out of their checking account, and I was not the only one who did not get paid at that time. (lots of people on BBB also have issues). I was stressed and busy trying to incorporate so I could continue working that I never called a lawyer. I was going to let it lie but then they filed with the IRS that they paid me. I called the IRS and they said I have to get a lawyer and prove they did not pay me. Of course I can get bank records because it was direct deposit, but will the lawyer fee be about that much? Can I reduce the costs by doing the Paralegal paperwork? Should I just claim it on my taxes? I only made $6000 that year.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Isn't then tax fraud? I think they got the mafia on this, right? This person is BAD and needs to be brought down. Anyone interested in a class action suit?
Expert:  Irwin Law replied 1 year ago.

Dear Susie: I'm afraid that you misunderstand the purpose of this website. We do not provide legal services for our customers. If you need assistance in locating an attorney in your area, and wish to use us for that purpose, please send me a reply and and I will be happy to assist in that regard.