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My landlord has refused to fix my ceiling 3 months. they are

Customer Question

my landlord has refused to fix my ceiling for past 3 months. they are fully aware of the damage and one of the site workers actual has come into my place within the past 3 months to only fix my toilet(proceded to tell me they had other projects and be back next week between monday and wed, never happened). this is the second time my ceiling has been damaged. i am wanting to break my lease and sue for compensation (my rent money for past 3 months and if possible all the rent money i have paid them past 3 years). it is insane to me that living there for 3 years they do not have money set aside to fix my place, of coarse damages may happen after living in the same place for a length of time and them have no plan set up for maintenance. i had to leave the place and move in with my father. i was waking up congested and feeling sick every morning. just being back o=home with my father 2 weeks and i notice a major difference in how i feel every morning.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Real Estate Law
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
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Expert:  N Cal Attorney replied 1 year ago.
I am sorry to hear this. The Georgia law on breach of the warranty of habitability is described at pages 28-29 of$FILE/080105SenateJudAttachD.pdf If the premises have become uninhabitable you have the right to end the lease. You can get a free consultation from some of the Georgia landlord tenant attorneys listed by location here. I suspect that the unit has some type of toxic mold or substance, as I do not know what else would explain your symptoms. I suggest that you also consult an attorney who handles toxic tort cases. You may want to get a lab to analyze a sample of the ceiling to see if it it has mold or asbestos or something that would explain your symptoms. You are going to need solid evidence of what exactly makes the property uninhabitable whether you plan to sue for personal injury damages or not, in addition to filing an action to cancel the lease and get a refund of rent paid while the place was not habitable. Toxic mold attorneys are listed by location here. General toxic tort attorneys are listed by location here. I suggest meeting with a landlord tenant attorney to start. I hope this information is helpful.