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My Mortgage Co., Coldwell Bankers have been dishonest in several

Customer Question

My Mortgage Co., Coldwell Bankers have been dishonest in several ways:
1. I have owned a duplex since 1991 and have been on disability for 6 years. My Retirement from the IL State University System began in Oct. of 2014.
2. After several attempts to sell my duplex; 2013, 2014 & Dec. of 2015, there was an interested buyer who would allow me to rent from him for this next year due to my back disability. After getting all of the particulars complete (his inspectors, along with new occupancy permits good for 2 years, they finally have set a closing date, however, my biggest concern was to get a copy of the Lease Agreement so I could review it at least 24 hrs. before closing. That was three months ago. Closing is scheduled for 5/2/16 and I have yet to receive a Lease Agreement to review. The buyer can reschedule the closing date, yet when I ask to reschedule it, they do not feel I have the right to do so. The mortgage co. now expects me to get this Lease Agreement at the time of closing and review it; or glance at it and expects me to sign my property over before I've had enough time (24 hrs.) to review it. Keep in mind I started with an asking price of $95,000., then I dropped it to $90,000. After all the counter offers etc., I agreed to sell it for $85,000. with the understanding that I would remain as a tenant for 1 year. Now it's 48 hours until closing and still no Lease Agreement. I have done everything regarding minor adjustments (i.e., repair electrical circuit box, put flex hoses above bathroom air vents have had the furnace checked 2 times. After I listed the duplex, I decided to put a new furnace and a/c on the side where I would be for the remaining year since I didn't know then how or when it would sell. (keep in mind, the current furnace was working just fine, but is well over 25 years old, so I thought it would better attract a buyer, and bring about a quicker sale. Now the mortgage co. wants me to glance at it right before closing.
I'm about ready to lose my mind with Coldwell Bankers and do not know what I should do. As I mentioned, I've called my agent to reschedule so I could have some time to review my Lease agreement, which I asked for months ago. HELP!!!!!
Please respond ASAP!! and thank you in advance for hearing me out.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Real Estate Law
Expert:  TJ, Esq. replied 1 year ago.
Hello and thank you for the opportunity to assist you. My name is ***** ***** I will do my very best to answer your legal questions. However, I'm a little confused. Why is Coldwell Bankers providing the lease rather than the buyer and/or his agent?

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