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Have lived here month to month years. I informed the

Customer Question

Have lived here month to month for 7 years. I informed the landlord that I live on Social Security and only get money the second wednesday of each month. The last two months he has put 3 day pay or quit notices on my door. I have paid each one on time. I called the Califorinia Rural Legal Assistance group and was told He has to give me a 60 day notice. is tha right? Wyla Beatty(###) ###-#### ***** need to know what my rights are.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Real Estate Law
Expert:  CalAttorney2 replied 1 year ago.
Dear Customer,Your landlord has a right to continue to post a "3 day notice to pay" each time that you miss your rent deadline. (See:, this is a foolish waste of time if you have lived in the unit for 7 years and have not missed a rental payment (including paying the last 2 rental payments within the 3 day windows).The only thing I could think of that they MAY (I truly emphasize "MAY" - because I have no way of knowing what your landlord is thinking or trying to do, and I only give this as a "worst case" scenario) is that they are trying to build a claim of "repeated violations of the lease" to permit them to eventually post a "3 day notice to quit" But this does not make much sense, because if they wanted you to vacate, they would simply have posted their 60 day notice of lease termination (which is "no fault" and simply means they no longer wish to lease to you, and you must find a new place to live) and have the property back much faster (my "worst case" scenario is going to take them twice as long).I would recommend contacting your landlord in writing, remind him that you have resided there for your 7 years, paid rent for 7 years and that you pay as soon as your fixed income (social security) hits your bank account. You can acknowledge that this is 2 days behind the due date for rent, but that you have never gone without paying. Ask that your landlord come to a reasonable acommodation (such as changing the date on which rent is due (such as the 5th)).Keep written records of all of your correspondence.

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