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My husband and I rented a unit in Shalimar Florida on April

Customer Question

My husband and I rented a unit in Shalimar Florida on April 12th. My husband saw the unit, sent me pics and I hesitantly agreed, feeling pressured by the Real Estate Co., as they said someone else was ready to give them the 1700.00 needed for deposit and rent. When I walked in for the first time, I cried. The carpets were filthy, there was obvious water leaks in the ceiling. There's also a musty smell, I called them and asked if the carpets had been cleaned, they said yes, and I said there's no way, and they said they wouldn't be cleaning them. We asked if we could paint, they said yes, (we hadn't taken residence yet), my husband put 2 coats of white paint on the ceiling, and one pale blue on the walls. It was a slight improvement, but I told him I just don't think I can live here. I called the Co. again, and Diane, (the Manager) said ok, I'll let you out of the lease. I thanked her, my husband took all the painting supplies out. I asked when we could expect to get our $ returned, and she said as soon as it re-rents. So we waited a week, then I went to their office to find out the status of the Re-rent, we had been told their was a waiting list). I then stated that we appreciated them letting us out of the lease--and I was told they never said that. It was over the phone, we dropped off the keys. The secretary said "just because you drop off the keys doesn't mean you get out of the lease". I replied I was told over the phone that was precisely what they told me. I told Diane the manager at that time, this is not a good way to do business, and she would be hearing from my lawyer. That's been a week, and weve heard nothing. I can't afford a lawyer, they are sitting on 1700.00, and we have since leased another unit in the same complex from another Real Estate company. Any suggestions?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Real Estate Law
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
There was also no smoke detectors, It hasn't been re-rented so they are charging us...(the $ we already paid...), and apparently has not been re-listed, because I've checked all the sites, (, Trulia, etc.). We are sure there is mold, and I didn't mention sagging shelves, filthy closet door tracts, broken or missing window blinds, filthy baseboards, the bathtub is filthy and apparently stained, and would not even come close to white after I used bleach. I just wish I could hire a inexpensive lawyer to send a letter, I think that would do the trick. I did complain to the local chamber of commerce, and will complain to the BBB today. Thanks jean
Expert:  Irwin Law replied 1 year ago.
Clearly you were lied to about the condition of the property before he rented it. You have the right to sue both the real estate broker and the building owner in small claims court for the return of your money and any other money damages that you may have incurred. The Florida Department of Business and Provessional Regulation - Real Estate Division also has a complaint procedure which you might wish to pursue. Here is the contact information for that: Good luck in getting the matter resolved in your favor. I hope this answer is helpful and that you will give it a positive rating.
Expert:  Irwin Law replied 1 year ago.
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