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I'm a contractor. Property management company claims dissatisfaction

Customer Question

I'm a contractor. Property management company claims dissatisfaction with house painting. Originally did rush job and work was uneven and was asked to repaint and I did. And then again to redo areas. Have asked to point specifically what more needs to be addressed. I just get general poor job email. Broker of management company stated I need to pay another contractor to repaint the whole house or will report to MD Home Improvement Commission. I originally bid $2550 and learned later of a $5000 competing bid. At this point I think it's a grab for money.
This is a 4 BR 2.5 bath house with living room dining, family room, laundry area and entry foyer, not to mention large closets.
I have been licensed and insured since 1987 and have never been sued.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Real Estate Law
Expert:  AttyHeather replied 1 year ago.
Hi, My name is*****'m an attorney with 15 years vigorous courtroom practice experience, and I would like to assist you in answering your question. My response is for information and education, and not as legal advice and we do not form an attorney/client relationship.This is an unfortunate situation. Your husband will not be able to prevent the property management company from filing the complaint. If they want to file the complaint they will. He is, however, entitled to defend himself in the case, and to do that, he needs to take many detailed photos of the work that he did. The property management company is probably going to say that they are filing the complaint alleging poor workmanship, which means that your husband is going to need up close photos - - especially of where the painting details are normally noticed, which could be the line where two colors meet or where paint meets something else like cabinets. They may also be stating that the paint was too transparent, so his photos will need to hopefully show that it was not. If you can think of any other problems that they might allege are wrong with the paint job, take photos to show that the job was good. He should also bring a couple of witnesses to the job site to review the work - preferably witnesses with experience in construction and painting, who can testify that the work was satisfactory.I hope this information has been helpful. If so, let me know in the comments and please credit me with a positive rating.Best,Heather S, Attorney