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I leased an apartment year with other two people.

Customer Question

Hi, I leased an apartment for 1 year with other two people. I came out of that apartment after 4 months. We got fines upto $11000 the other people are not responding and I asked for separate bill for my share from leasing office but they are not ready. Can you suggest me what can I do with this problem. I informed leasing office that I am going out of the apartment while I was moving out.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Real Estate Law
Expert:  AttyHeather replied 1 year ago.
Hi, My name is*****'m an attorney with 15 years vigorous courtroom practice experience, and I would like to assist you in answering your question. My response is for information and education, and not as legal advice and we do not form an attorney/client relationship.Your question is a little tough to answer because I cannot review your lease. If your lease is like most leases I have seen, it is likely that the three of you tenants are jointly and severally liable for the damages, which would mean that the apartment could come after any one of you for 100% of the damages, but once they are paid their 100%, they couldn't keep going after you to get 300% damages. So long story short, depending on how your lease is termed, they might not attribute a portion of damages to each of you, but rather sue all three of you together and then collect from the one of you that is easiest to collect from.If you do get served with a lawsuit, don't ignore it. Make sure that you respond within the requisite time period stated in the papers. Also, try to obtain the contact information for the other two people, because it is likely that if the apartment can't find them, but they can find you, they will be able to serve you and get their money through you, so it is to your advantage that the apartment has their contact info.You might also get a second opinion regarding the damages. It is possible that the apartment is over inflating the damages. You should not be responsible for normal wear and tear, and I have defended several cases from tenants who were wrongfully charged for damages by their landlords, when the damages were just normal wear and tear - - for example, trying to make you replace all of the carpet when the apartment installed shoddy carpet to begin with that was, perhaps, white, so it showed every traffic mark. It's reasonable for you to walk on the carpet, and if it is white and low quality, it is not going to look pristine after several months. So, you would have to evaluate the damages and see if it is from negligence or abuse of the apartment, or if it was from normal wear.I hope I have been of assistance to you. Please reply that my information was helpful and if you could, please issue me a satisfied rating so that I get credit for the answer and so that my administrators know that I am doing a good job for my customers.Best,Heather s, Attorney