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How can I terminate a contract my realtor who has crossed two

Customer Question

how can I terminate a contract my realtor who has crossed two major legal lines? My realtor and I hammered out our contract. Upon our signing the contract nine months ago I specified two things to be written into our contract. 1. As the seller I required my realtor to represent ONLY ME. NOT any potential buyer/s of my property. 2. My property is a duplex and the people leasing the unit I do not live in were not to be disturbed until a signed contract between myself and a buyer was in my hands. Then and only then would my tenants be asked by me to allow their unit to be shown.
My realtor and I agreed upon these two issues and included these two legal requirements into the our real estate contract.
Our contract was signed the first part of June 2015. I received an offer in October 2015 which I accepted. The offer fell through. The same buyer contacted me un April with an offer (which I will probably accept. Since my buyer no longer has a realtor my realtor (I'll call her Heidi) has offered to help him with his paperwork. Then she turned to me and told me to set up a showing for my rental unit. Heidi alsosuggessted I should take into consideration the monies already spent by this buyer (inspection fees, appraisal, etc) towards possibly making it easier for him to buy. Heidi has crossed both legal lines we incorporated into our contract. Showing my rental before a contract signed by me and a buyer and representing me as a seller and representing this potential buyer. It is legal in Arizona for a realtor to represent to both the seller and buyer in the same transaction. STUPID!
Heidi would have grossed around $20,000 from this transaction. I am willing to give her $10,000 but no more! I hope you can help me.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Real Estate Law
Expert:  RealEstateAnswer replied 1 year ago.
What has she said when you confronted her about this? Also, how was the buyer found?