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My home was sold at sheriff sale October 2015 I was just served

Customer Question

My home was sold at sheriff sale October 2015 I was just served papers 4 days ago from the sheriff is there anything I can do to save my house. Or STOP my eviction
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Real Estate Law
Expert:  CalAttorney2 replied 1 year ago.
Dear Customer,I am sorry to learn of this situation. Unfortunately if the home was sold in October, the 10 day right of redemption will have long since passed. So there is nothing you can do at this point to stop the foreclosure (it already has occurred, and the home has a new owner).See: can try to get a few more days in the home (extend the 4 day notice by another week or two) by going to court and asking the judge to grant you an extension. The court may not grant you this additional time (most courts will not, but if you really do need the time, and you have a good reason why you were not able to move out during the time between the October sale and the current date, the judge may be willing to give you a few more days).I do recommend making every best effort to move out on your own prior to the sheriff's eviction though. (This would include hiring movers and placing your belongings into storage, staying with friends, or any other resourceful idea you can come up with). The reason for this is that a "forcible eviction" by the sheriff includes the deputy overseeing the new owner's hired movers or laborers to remove all of your personal belongings and place them on the street curb. Once there, any loss due to theft, weather, or loss, is your responsibility (not the sheriff, the owners, or the movers).