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2012 home foreclosed illegally why 2009 Wells Fargo admits

Customer Question

2012 home foreclosed illegally why 2009 Wells Fargo admits to error and applies my forbearance payments to wrong loan but loan was already sold before error caught. Sold to US Bank national Association for Sasco trust 2006 RF4. But also before Wells Fargo could get my loan back it was already in a Bankruptcy.
So Wells Fargo before fixing their error basically let me sit for 6 months on a foreclosed note that was not of my error. I sit waiting seen an attorney, advised me to file chap 13 bankruptcy. Still took Wells Fargo almost a year to get together some sort of paperwork to make it look worthy of a modification of their error now fixing for me. 11 months in my chap 13 Wells called offered me a better modification... Well that never came and they got me out the door. Now that I paid 2012-2016 utilities was in and out of the house I knew they had no rights because US Bank National Association for SASCO Trust RF4 claimed chapter 11, in the Lower New York Bankruptcy courts, and my Trust was in that bankruptcy, also Wells could not get the Deed/Title back from USBank for their error all the time they left me hanging causing me to file a chapter 13, then a chapter 7 all to protect my home, all to loose it in fraud to their mistake. The Larimer county court did not see my need or complaint, now it is in Wells Fargo's Hands again and I have proof that in 2012 HUD knew nothing of such. So I'm asking can i possibly get around this in some way by the courts all the 2012dec to yesterday I have been caring for the property and paid all utilities to the City of Loveland and repaired the water leak outside over 485k gallons in i week in property line, repaired roof due to hail storm and kept the home up, in which before this the police and sheriff called me for break-ins or damage no one claimed the property till I moved back in. Squatters laws can they apply and how can I go about it?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Real Estate Law
Expert:  Phillips Esq. replied 1 year ago.

Squatters laws do not apply here because you had a legitimate claim to the property in the beginning. The lender financed the purchase of the home. However, if there is no lender who has proper papers to claim title to the property, you can file lawsuit to quiet title to obtain clear and marketable title to the property. This is a very complex litigation and would need the involvement a real estate litigation Attorney. You can use the following sites to find local Attorneys: