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My question, Is there any protection person who has a

Customer Question

My question, Is there any protection for a person who has a disability, "protected under the ADA Guidelines". from being Evicted from their Home/Apt. if they are not given the same advantages and use of the services that are available to the entire community? I get paid on the 3rd of every month, I get my Social Security Disability check. My payment is late by default every month.. I cannot use the auto with deposit, or pay online with their service. because i charges me a late fee. Because its the third and payments are late on the second.
example: The use of The Auto pay a service (APP) to pay on line or to have your payment deducted Automatically.. Creating simplicity in ones life. Is it not Discrimination when you take those same rights away from someone else? I cannot pay my rent with a personal check.
I Physically having leave home Drive, I my drivers license. I walk, only if it's not to far or the weather is good and if I can manage to leave home? Manic Depression, or any other disability, just to go to your financial establishment, to procure means of or a way of making your rent payments. Money orders or cashiers checks, bank check, or Western Union. You have to find any way possible, to get your rent paid! Is it not discriminating to not give everyone the same ability or means as of those who are? when you treat or given a person a disadvantage to perform the same act of paying the same payment on time. person or Any person the same representation, or services to perform the same action or to meet the same expectation. in this example, just paying your rent on time as simple as it may seem, without punishment or Mental Anguish, which in some could result in a break down or worse. Some individuals, this small insignificant act is as big as moving the whole building. Creating medical and life altering change in their personal lives.. Is it this important to an company or establishment to put such injustices on a disabled or any person just for and on time rent payment?
is it not discrimination to take away or not allow you the same advantages as the Majority the Tenants, whom pay the same rent to the same company as you do? I am being evicted as of tomarrow. can you help?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Real Estate Law
Expert:  Phillips Esq. replied 1 year ago.

I am sorry, but I am having difficulty understanding what your claims of discrimination are.

Kindly specify what your exact claims are.

Thank you for your cooperation,

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