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28 February 2016 09:17 I think you're off line. I'm

Customer Question

28 February 2016 09:17
I think you're off line. I'm on a trip over the next 4 days. Please forgive me per the above, but the statutes are difficult & lengthy for me /With an attempt , responding to the Florida bar, I wish to cite every statute applicable regarding a quit claim e filed on 2001 and found defective on May 2009 by Chicago title Insurance Co, IE their agent an atty. Mr B esq who represented the buyer & thus B esq filed suit vs me, forcing me to cure the quitclaim, this the only way the buyer could buy. This contrary to the contract of 5/5/09 where the buyer did not meed the deadlines agreed to in the FARBAR, did not have 100% cash to buy as the FARBAR agreed and buyer needed a mortgage which the FARBAR was void of , crossed out ie any need for a mortgage to buy. Thus unclean hands the buyer gained by dilatory acts, his attorney called my attorneys office asking for legal advice. My atty twice cited conflicts that obviously contrive , no zeal to give me real legal advice, never suggested a guardian ( i am deaf) with the Realtor being an accomplice. fraudulently representing both seller & buyer yet the buyers knew this , gained insider info. to gain taking a $850,000 asses home from me for $387,000. . taking 11 months , it killed my elderly frail mother via the gamesmanship,If you will please read the statutes I gave earlier & let me know which apply , or give other statutes more applicable .... that clarify my positions.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Real Estate Law
Expert:  TJ, Esq. replied 1 year ago.

Hi again.

Since I am unable to respond at this time, I will open this question to all attorneys for their input.

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