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I asked this question to ja.comers with no response since

Customer Question

I asked this question to ja.comers with no response since the 18th.
So , Please try playing devils advocate with me.If your client: signed a for sale of as is real estate contract to buy my home but said sale contract had 3 breaches on your clients part.
1. On your law firms created application , with your law firms name & address affixed plus (THIS FORM HAS BEEN APPROVED BY THE FLORIDA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS AND THE FLORIDA BAR as is contrast for sale & purchase) the handwriting is not in my Realtors handwriting thus you were conspiring from day one, ie on 5/5/09 The 1st for sale of real estate contract was made in your office on your Once you received the title companies demand for clear title , eight days after the for sale date of 5/5/09 of the real estate contract ..You conspired for seven months with my Realtor . You actually called my attorney and asked for legal advice, my attorney said he had a conflict of interest because you called asking for legal advice vs. me. But i asked you to call my attorneys since you said you ere not allowed to talk to me while I was represented. So again I asked you to please call my lawyers, who had right that day asked me to have you call my lawyers firm. Seven months later my atty wrote to me saying you called his office & you asked for legal advice vs me. I wrote to you that day 7 months after you sued me per the 5.5.09 contract demanding to know what when why etc you had called my attorney to ask for advice , this allowed my attorney to use your call/request as a conflict of interest to abandon me , this after my lawyers, kept writing delaying representation saying I must wait those 7 months to see if 4 partners died not have a conflict with me or other per your lawsuit. I kept emailing you demanding to know why you called my lawyers & why it's a conflict,. After 2 weeks my atty said it is OK with you , you the buyers side who filed against me fro my one breach, You then 8 months later with my attorney set mediation in the judges chambers to protect my frail mother ( co granter of the quitclaim) from your deposition tactics( set it for 2 months after the court ordered) to occur. But you & my attorney & my Realtor had been conspiring , playing me from before 5/5/09 . The after about 5 days my attorney inserted a 2nd conflict not to represent, saying I said my atty. had drafted the quitclaim, that was a lie, because i never said that word drafted I said produced by, via his work product e-filing, paying doc stamps etc.for me , regarding the 10 year old quit claim deed.
2. no inspections were allowed per 5.5.09 sale agreement. ( but you the atty for buyer requested extension of time twice for 2 inspections) .
3. The security deposit of $47,000 was held by you the atty for the buyer. ( unusually also the sellers Realtor gave the contract/offer directly to the buyers atty, you . this not not the normal way. )
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Real Estate Law
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
4. mortgage & loans approval ( 15 lines) of said contract were cross out.
5. line IV FINANCING said " this a cash transaction with no contingencies for financing"
6. line VII : CLOSING DATE: provision line is 30 days from effective date of the contract.
7. one of the two a brother & sister IE the grantees signature was forged by your clients Realtor, & Realtor had a deaf mentally disabled person sign the contract a person unknowing the contract held her to the error made by the Realtor; that in fact Realtor knew there was a mortgage of $125,000 on a $900,000 home.
The Realtor fax banner shows he sent the contract to you directly, while the brother the 2nd grantee was in France Europe at the time of the forgery , thus kept the contract hidden from the seller from 5/5/09 to 9/15/2009 ) you were faxed the sale contract in 2009 , you knew the Realtor was representing your client the buyer & also the seller ( but the seller was unaware of this) seller was lied to that there was a separate Realtor when there was not. But you were made aware of all this. but you kept on pressuring the seller in a lawsuit to sell , you deposed the grantor court a frail 90 year old lady 9 the mother of the 2 grantees) causing her death 8 months later, from the duress applied by your11 month lawsuit. )
But you sued me because , sect 141 said , not to exceed 120 days seller is to give clear title. The quit claim deed/ title had been in effect for 10 years. per FL statutes the most time for a quitclaim to be defective is 4 or 5 or at most 7 years. Thus the title was clear. But your problem ( i believe it a problem ) was your client /buyer had to get a mortgage contrary to the agreed terms. The Title Insurer Chicago Title Insurance Co required the quit claim to be cured. because of the guarantor's spouse had not signed ie he was not enjoined. But it does not matter, time cure for the purpose & the intentions were clear, and the spouse that was not earlier in 2001 ie not enjoined had died before this lawsuit.So, with the above, how does one clearly lay it all on a platter to the FL bar in my response per 2 complaints vs my attorney & the oppositions atty. ie vs you the devils advocate???
Expert:  Phillips Esq. replied 1 year ago.

I am sorry, but I do not understand your post.

Kindly review it, edit it for clarity, properly identity the parties and the issues, use proper punctuation marks, ask specific questions, and resubmit.

Thank you for your cooperation.