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My 88 year old mother lives in an apartment multi unit

Customer Question

My 88 year old mother lives in an apartment multi unit complex for seniors. By Texas law, they are not required to install a keyless locking deadbolt at her exterior door however, we want one for her protection and to keep apartment people out when she is home. We've asked for one and they said no. Can we require one? Anything we can do to get one even if we pay out of pocket?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Real Estate Law
Expert:  Ray replied 1 year ago.

Hi and welcome to JA. Ray here to help you today.

Here you would have to get the landlord to agree to this.The landlord has a right of entry and there is also a safety aspect of a need to check on her and gain entry if necessary for EMT and related personnel.

Expert:  Ray replied 1 year ago.

I fully understand your concerns here but unless landlord gives up their right to access and entry no law in Texas forces then to agree to this.I wish I could tell you otherwise.

All you can do here is try to negotiate, the problem is that they let one tenant do this they have to let all tenants do this less they be accused of discrimination. If it is a security issue maybe a security camera here for her, they have them where you can see her front door with iphone application as an alternative.

Expert:  Ray replied 1 year ago.

An example of cameras..

Unless the landlord agrees to this you may have to consider alternatives like a camera for the hallway.

Expert:  Ray replied 1 year ago.

This is going to be your problem with deadbolt landlord has strict right of entry here in Texas.

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