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I live in the Tampa area and we purchased a home in Dec.

Customer Question

I live in the Tampa area and we purchased a home in Dec. 2014. Our payment was assessed at 1423 dollars, but when we received information from our mortgage company that our payment went up to 1800+ due to an escrow shortage of 2641 dollars for 2015. We looked back and found out that the Title company did not correctly assess the taxes for they only did the land, but after looking at the tax records all the information was there in front of them showing the full taxes required.
We contacted the Title company about the mistake that was made and after a few words back and forth they said that they would pay the 2641 dollar mistake but they want us to sign an agreement that we will not go after them or disclose this to anyone.
Only problem I see now is my wife and I now will have to pay an extra 200+ dollars every month on top of the payment we were quoted for this mistake. what is the law on such a screw up.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Real Estate Law
Expert:  RealEstateAnswer replied 1 year ago.

Good afternoon. Can you share with me why you will have to pay an extra 200+? I am asking this because while they may have made a mistake on the taxes, these are what the taxes are and what needs to be paid. Are you saying that you would have never bought the home had you known the taxes were more and if so, did you find out what they should have been ahead of time? I completely understand that you relied on them BUT the question is if they did anything which resulted in you having to pay more now, through their own fault. By that, I mean had they calculated this correctly the first time, you would have had to pay this amount?

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