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Moyers here,, being threatened by dot with civil suit

Customer Question

Hi! John Moyers here, Ky, being threatened by ky dot with civil suit because I declined "Eminent domain bid" of $30,000 for my land they based on appraisal made by guy without appraiser's license, or real estate license; my 2 independent LICENSED KY appraisers value it at $100,000; it gets "worse"- widening of hwy 11 is issue, I am flight paramedic, only child, dad died in 2008, mom's retired school teacher 3x cancer survivor, "scared" by these guys- I am "passed"; I work in Tennessee (4 jobs-ER CC/RN, ICU RN/Flight medic/and critical care patient transport medic)- but commute home often (am bachelor)- 7 other elderly folks were "bullied into" 10% of value (by appraiser's valuation); I want not just to win civil case (sure of that), my attorney is "okay" but not "passionate" that Eminent Domain is being criminally abused on a roadway NOT dangerous (and I did training on ky roads and saw deathtraps that USDOT safety report agree-hwy 11 IS NOT ONE)-
this is great chance to be part of a case that will help people being abused/bullied by abuses of "eminent domain"
john moyers
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Real Estate Law
Expert:  Irwin Law replied 1 year ago.

Good morning John. I would like to be of assistance, but I can only answer specific legal questions. Do you have one to ask?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Given that the KY Dept. of Transportation has made a contractual "bid" for my land "appraised" by a ***** *****, who is not a licensed appraiser of any type in any state, I contend the bid/contract is fraudulent and illegal; coupled to my own 2 licensed general ky appraisers who each appraised my land at $210,000, the "threat" of the KY Dept of Transportation, J. Estill, JD, to "file civil suit against me to force me to take bogus "appraisal" (under $30,000) is not only destined to fail, but illegal. My "strategy" is 1)I have 100% 10x PROOF bid is fraudulent, inaccurate, and have proof of payment abutting my land (my appraisers valued at $10,000)- KY DOT paid this one person $100,000- due to an "insider arrangement" (I have proof)My question- of course I cherish going to court- I have "Eminent Domain specialist" with Diedroff and associates based in Minn., we differ ONLY in I am (look it up- I am telling the truth) a DVM and PHD in Neuroimmunology, (1992), worked 10 years at undergrad alma mater, University of Ky (B.S. Agriculture, and Physics) 1987- retired in 2006 to die, long story short, GOD healed me, I am now flight paramedic (captain)/CCRN and in June take "dual role" across Ky border in tennessee at East Tenn State College of Medicine; ironically, I am admitted to a JD program in our new "distance learning world" in July (172 of 180 LSAT-worked 7 years for Princeton Review, MCAT, GRE and LSAT and same VAT)- hoping JD would aid in "expert witness" against ludicrous "class action suits" against drug companies; I know "KELO VS NEW LONDON" by heart- bad law, ironically "Eminent Domain" Supreme Court case driven by "Erectile dysfunction czars"-PFE, who bullied the city council for "Eminent domain" to level a block of retirement homes of blue collar type folks- and it worked. The ruling, though was 5-4, with "heavyweight" Renquist, O'Conner, Scalia and Thomas vehemently opposed, Ruth Ginsberg, in my opinion an inept old rotten-crotched imbecile, leading the "5 idiots" who made egregiously BAD ruling- the civil suit "threatened" (though not yet filed) by KY Dept of Transportations attorney, J Estill, JD, "KYDOT VS G. MOyers" (mom widowed after 51 years to dad who we lost to heart failure in 2008)- I am only son, work across state line In Tennessee, woman I hoped to marry killed in 2004- am "bachelor" but NOT STUPID- and love God, country, family and state- am a Christian, try to hate no one, but do hate Ky Dept of Transportation; God healed me in 2010 for my new career, as paramedic, and we are governed nationwide by each state's dept of transportation; sadly, Ky's DOT is the worst, our EMS board, the worst; we have top-notch medics who literally cry at the hell these inept losers put us through (which is why I have reciprocity in Tenn, Va, West Va and Maryland)- this project is a farce- 3 perceived "local rich and powerful" were notified and paid 2 years before we saw the bid dumped in our laps- (my attorney says "okay"- I differ- no justifiable reason for unequal disclosure of project in equitable time frame, correlating ONLY to the "reputation" of 3 assholes in county- Mr Nations, Bill Steele and a Bob Smith)Bot***** *****ne: the KY DOT has lied and claimed they gave me map of the project, 13 miles widening hwy 11, affecting 6.5 acres, 450 yds of road frontage mom owns- I have not seen map, they refuse to hand it over; do I subpoena through Ky commonwealth attorney, or my county attorney, Lee Co Ky DA Thomas Hollin, JD, or go "higher up" to Attorney General?Clearly, I am "pissed"; the money is "squat"- by God's grace I have 4 paychecks- 1 from East Tenn COM as researcher in Neurology, one from a Kingsport hospital ER/ICU paramedic/tech with RN, one from a Flight/ground medical transport service (as far away as UCLA for transplants by fixed wing, and a Tenn. local transport service with 15% "911 overspill" from that cities EMS service (Tennessee is THE BEST EMS in country- Ky has great medics WORST EMS because we have WORST DOT)so- who do I go to for subpoena to get blueprint of project ? Germane because these losers failed to "see" 2 acres mom owns across current hwy 11 that will be "split" by proposed widening (the "privileged privy" showed me the map, and it will happen)- they are in effect stealing this land; and I contend the "appraisal" is meaningless, made by a clod without an appraiser's license, in KY or any state, ever, or even real estate license;If we can talk and that's better, fine. Name your fee- I am unfortunately "on medical leave"- they dumped this on us as we were caring for mom's brother david, 74 recovering from coma in feb when they barged in (not even phone or letter notice) with bid and threats; I showed them the door; mom had rollover car accident in april (76, 35 years in hs teaching, 3x major cancer survivor, 3 busted vertebrae, I cared for her in home health- and KY Dot's contractor, Lochner, sent their lacky, a TRAVIS CARMACK to her home health hospital
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
bedMy "legal question is"- who do I go to to subpoena proof they are stealing the 2 acres, IS bid even "legal" based on appraisal by clod without appraisal license, or real estate license, and is civil suit even legal since we have not even gone to condemnation steps?Everyone I have talked to (31 Ky lawyers fled requesting to take the case) fears "Eminent Domain"- bullshit; it is abused by LOCHNER (who solicited KY DOT to start this mess)- and PFE, etc., using the govt. like the mafia uses "hitmen"; ENOUGH.If you are interested in becoming co-counsel-let's talk retainer, etc., this is easy question for man with JD- who do I go to for subpoena of document I have right to as I paid for it (taxpayer) and am affected by it (blueprint proving they are "EMINENT domain claiming" my mom's land and lying about it)Thank you
john moyers
Expert:  Irwin Law replied 1 year ago.

John: I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. I was in Court most of the day yesterday. My offer of direct contact by phone will follow this. If you accept, I think our discussion will be very useful to you.

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