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The doe run company in herculaneum mo. settled a class

Customer Question

the doe run company in herculaneum mo. settled a class action property damage and loss of use lawsuit for lead contamination 3 years ago and settled for 55 million .it only covered properties that were owned and lived in by the owner so the rental properties that i own were excluded from the suit and the lawyer we had in that suit says that the cost to pursue it as another class action suit would cost more than it would be worth due to the number of rental properties in the area. i sent a request to doe run asking for them to compensate us in the amount that was determined in the class action suit but have had no response. can i sue for damages independently with or without a layer ? is it worth the cost?what are my options? the property value has dropped now by half of the value of what it was once was. they have offered to buy the properties at appraised value buy now with all the empty houses boarded up around mine my property is considered to be in a blighted area and no one will even refinance it. what are my options ?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Real Estate Law
Expert:  Irwin Law replied 1 year ago.

The lawyer was telling you the truth. Class action lawsuits are extremely difficult and expensive. Even if you could afford it financially, you have little or no chance of successfully suing a corporation without an attorney. Your best option and practically your only one at this point is to accept the offer to purchase your blighted properties at some appraised value. You might suggest the use of three appraisers. One selected by you one selected by the company and the two appraisers selecting the third. Also you might Insist that the appraisals be made as of a date, before the market dropped in that area. Good luck and happy Thanksgiving!

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