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Alex Esquire
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I sent a payoff to my mortage company an they fail to give

Customer Question

I sent a payoff to my mortage company an they fail to give my satisfaction of mortgage. Under the TILA they are liable for my Negotiable Instrument. I have Demand the return of my payment an fail to get it back. This is Considered Civil Conversion. Can I report this to FBI , Attorney General or the Treasure Department. SECRETARY OF TREASURE?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Real Estate Law
Expert:  Alex Esquire replied 1 year ago.

Hello. My name is***** will be happy to answer your question.
I am sorry to hear about this unfortunate situation.

If the bank failed to follow the law and to timely record a satisfaction of mortgage document then a complaint can be filed with US Government Consumer Financial Protection Bureau at the link below:

This government agency will investigate your complaint and will take proper action based on findings of their investigation.

Also, a private local real estate law attorney can be consulted, to help resolve this issue and also to evaluate the case for any potential legal recourse against the mortgage bank.

I wish you the best of luck!

Expert:  Alex Esquire replied 1 year ago.

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Thank you.

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