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I just bought a condo in Redondo beach. I bought the place

Customer Question

I just bought a condo in Redondo beach. I bought the place because I was told that they would be planting trees in front of my unit. My unit is on the bottom and I have a deck that people just look at as if your in a zoo. I was told that would be fixing it with trees. Then the neighbors told me that they ran out of money to finish the project.
All of the neighbors have planted there own trees for privacy issues, but also because the units by me are just barren with no landscape. After I had a 2 break in's... I talked to my neighbors and they said that they all by there own plants and have the gardeners plant them. I had no privacy what so ever.... and I spent $1,000 on beautiful drought plants for privacy and also it looks so pretty for everyone in the building. It has been a year and the gardner told me the association is ripping out all of my plants . I spent $200.00 on a palm that will die.. and more. Question.... 1. I know that I am being harassed from the neighbor above me. She is the one that is constantly harassing me. She keyed my car and she stole my keys ( although I can't prove it) She calls if I park my car the wrong way. However, she is running a business in her place above mine rolls racks of clothes all day and night. So can I sue for harassment?
2. The gardeners planted the plants that work for the building. They plant everyones plants if they ask. I am a target, I am the only one that is getting plants ripped out. The reason after a year is that I did not ask permission. I know that the other neighbors did just the same. I need some privacy and the beautiful drought tolerant plants help the look of not only my property but the entire property. How can they just pick me, and not everyone else that planted plants? Why only me? Also, my property was robbed .. and without the plants everyone can look into my bedroom, kitchen ext. I have found bags of food on my deck. .. so scary to not have privacy..
3. I pay $550.00 in the fee's at this place... They include Water and landscaping and the pool. I don't even do dishes, I don't use the pool. They have not provided landscaping.
Please can some one help me. I am in tears. I am being bullied non stop by this HOA. I happen to own my unit. Do I have a lawsuit? The gardeners knocked on my door and said they have been instructed to rip out every plant that in front of my unit. What?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Real Estate Law
Expert:  Samuel-II replied 1 year ago.

I posted on the wrong thread. Apologies.

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