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I live in Bloomingdale, Illinois and am part of a

Customer Question

Hello, I live in Bloomingdale, Illinois and am part of a Homeowner's Association which is governed by an elected board made up of other Homeowner's. My townhouse has flooded due and has ruined my fully furnished basement. The water entered thru a failed sump-pump which I understand is my responsibility.
My question is, having lived here for nearly 20-years and going on my fourth failed sump-pump from what I believe is a lack of adequate grading in the four house structure, do I have any rights to go after Association? I filed work order after work order and have been given excuses like bathroom fan leading to attic a "partial" problem.
I have 5'' crack on outside patio + water seemingly running exclusively towards and into my home. Association basically says...too bad! UGH! Please advise when an opportunity exists. I was told by President of Board I have little rights compared to their bylaws? Something just doesn't seem accurate? It's not a question of if, rather a question of when 5th sump-pump burns out and flooding occurs. Please advise my next steps...may be none but I just want home not to flood anymore! Thank you very much, sincerely, ***** ***** Maggio
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Real Estate Law
Expert:  socrateaser replied 2 years ago.


1. Are you the original owner of the property (you purchased from the developer)?

2. If #1 is "yes," then did the developer or association accept liability for the first failed pump)?