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socrateaser, Lawyer
Category: Real Estate Law
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Experience:  Attorney and Real Estate broker -- Retired (mostly)
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409 Coastal lls Dr is on the market. It is presently owned

Customer Question

409 Coastal Hills Dr is on the market. It is presently owned by two parties who cannot agree on a selling price. Rick and Mariko (party one) are asking $1,175,000 and David and Jamie (party two) are asking 1,145,000. Party two is the son and daughter-in-law of party one; they said they wanted to take care of party one for the rest of their lives. Party one sold everything they had for this new house, insisted by party two. Now party two has controlled everything even when party one disagreed . Now the household is in turmoil. Party one spent $170,318 total on the down payment and upgrades to the house party two has not spent anything. Party two are forcing party one too sell at the lower price (by mean of threats and signing papers to their price without party one knowledge) and if accepted the net profit would $135,849 for each party but with all that was spent by party one they would be in the red $34,469. Party two has offered to pay party one enough to break even but that leaves party one with no profit (who have put their life savings into the house) and party two with a profit of $101,380 (who had not put anything into the house). Party two own four other homes (used for business) Their prior home they just gave to their children, plus she works as a college Prof. and he works for the government. Party one live off of retirement benefits. Party one believes that at LEAST half of the profit that party two believes is due them should be divided equally between the two parties. Mariko of party one (mother of David, party two) is Japanese and believes that party two is taking advantage of her and purposely causing emotional distress because she does not fully understand the English language. These parties are in desparate need of help.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Real Estate Law
Expert:  socrateaser replied 2 years ago.


Although you didn't identify the county and state of the property, my preliminary investigation suggests that the property is located in Chula Vista, CA. If so, then I am a member of the State Bar of California, the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, and I am a licensed California real estate broker.

It's not clear to me what sort of help you are requesting. I don't know if you are one of the parties, or a third party who is attempting to obtain help. If you are looking for someone to mediate the dispute between the parties as an objective neutral, I believe that I can do this quite effectively. However, this sort of work is far outside the scope of services that can be provided at this website. We would have to take the matter offline, and formalize the relationship -- which would be subject to customary mediation contractual terms and conditions and legal services fees.

If this is what you are looking for, I will send you an additional services offer, which you can accept or decline at tyour convenience. If not, then feel free to clarify your question, and I will be happy to try to answer.

Thanks in advance for using Justanswer!