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I have a NO TRESPASSING SIGN at the edge of my property

Customer Question

I have a NO TRESPASSING SIGN at the edge of my property across an alley, that is adjacent to a tennis court. People keep hitting their tennis balls into my yard - sometimes hitting my house and or going into my Fuga Green Giant Fir Trees or flowers. The Tennis players pay no attention to my NO TRESPASSING SIGN or to me when I tell them they are trespassing on my property. I always call the police/Deputy Sheriff's office and they act like they are agreeing with the tennis players becase they are just coming (TRESPASSING) to get their tennis balls. The police say I can't keep their tennis balls. I DON'T WANT THEIR TENNIS BALLS but by the same token THE TENNIS PLAYERS ARE TRESPASSING IN MY YARD. ON MY NO TRESPASSING SIGN IT STATES THAT TRESPASSING IS A MISDEMEANER. I live in Atlanta, ILLINOIS 61723. NO RIGHTS FOR AN 82 YEAR OLD WIDOW????
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Real Estate Law
Expert:  Attyadvisor replied 2 years ago.

I have no idea why law enforcement are telling you that these people can retrieve their tennis balls without your permission. In Illinois this would be considered a civil matter rather than a criminal matter.

Expert:  Attyadvisor replied 2 years ago.

The issue is that trespassing can be considered either criminal or civil matter. Since this involves neighboring properties the police are treating this as a civil matter. Who owns the tennis courts?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Ref: Account # ***** and Order ID# 15509013-807In reply to your question: Who owns the tennis courts? The Olympia school.. Part of the Olympia school is across the street from the tennis court in Atlanta, IL.. The main Olympia school is in another town and encompasses many SMALL towns. The last time I had this problem was this past Saturday and I did call the police (NO Atlanta Police), Deputy T. Howie from the Logan County Sheriff's Office came, from Lincoln, Il. (This is the normal procedure when there isn't any Atlanta, Il .Police on duty). When I went to my front door to talk to him he told me that he had already talked to them (2 men) and he said he had told them that they had to ask my permission to come on my property to get their tennis balls. Then he asked me if I saw who came on my property and I told him yes. He asked me what the person was wearing and I told him the man had a black baseball cap on and didn't have a shirt on .The Deputy could have easily taken the 2 men's car licenses down since he talked to then before he came to my house. I saw that 1 of the cars was silver and the other one was black. I couldn't see their license plates from my front porch. I told the officer that even if they came to ask permission to come get their ball I would have said "NO". This has been a thorn in my side since 1980. I think that enough is enough. The town took a vote on whether or not to build the tennis court but, since we weren't living in Atlanta, Il. at that time, we were told we couldn't vote on it. Also, they built the court facing Easst and West, so the tennis court only faces ny property and the street facing the school. I have never seen a tennis court facing east and west - the sun is in one of the player's eyes when they are playing tennis. Before I put up the no trespassing sign I call The States Attorney in Lincoln, Il. at our county court house and he told me to put up a NO TRESPASSING SIGN. Little good that has done. since the police won't adhere to the letter of the law. People have egged my house 2 times and have done other malicious things (i.e.) stuck a streamer across the part of the no trespassing sign - so that when I took the streamer off it pulled all the ink off of the NO TRESPASSING on the sign.. I think that the family that moved in - across the street from me has had something to do with the vandalism on my property but I don't have any proof of it. I do have proof that the mother of all the children has maligned me on facebook..
Expert:  Attyadvisor replied 2 years ago.

Depending on what was posted you may have a defamation of character lawsuit against the mother. What was posted?

Expert:  Attyadvisor replied 2 years ago.

You have a civil action against the owner of the tennis courts. You may also have a defamation of character depending on what was posted on FB. It would be my pleasure to provide you with a link for local attorneys that provide free consultations if you would like to pursue either one of these of legal matters.