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What if I signed a Quitclaim form over to someone but they

Customer Question

What if I signed a Quitclaim form over to someone but they were not being truthful about the property. My name was listed on the property. I found out that I was not given all the facts surrounding the property. Is there anyway I can resend it to get my listed back on the deed?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Real Estate Law
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
This was heir property so several names were listed.
Expert:  RealEstateAnswer replied 2 years ago.
Good morning. Would you mind sharing with me what happened, that caused you to execute and sign the deed, giving up your rights, without your knowledge? What did they tell you?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
My oldest sister is executive over the property located in Onslow county. She stated that she borrowed money from friends to pay the taxes because there was a lien placed on the property. I was never told about Tax lien. At a resent family reunion she told us that we had to sign the Quitclaim form so that she could sale the property because she had to pay the people back or all the property would be lost. That we would not stand to gain anything from the sale because ALL the money would have to go the people she borrowed the money from. She said there would be nothing left after she paid taxes and the people back. This is heir property. She did have a notary present. However, the notary was one of friends she borrowed the money from. She would gain profit from the sale if and when the land is sold because she put in money to pay taxes. I was not told that until a couple of days ago that the notary loaned money as well. The property address is***** Jacksonville, NC. I have never lived there, I currently live in Maryland. However, my sister has live there but currently lives in another town in NC.
Expert:  RealEstateAnswer replied 2 years ago.
Good morning. Prior to signing the quit claim deed, did you ask to review any documents to evidence her claim, that there was a tax lien or ask to see the promissory note she signed and who was involved? Also, if the sale of the home will pay back the money which was borrowed, how does she stand to make money?

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