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I live in the Town of Islip, Suffolk County in New York State.

Customer Question

I live in the Town of Islip, Suffolk County in New York State. My next door neighbor has harassed me from the day I moved in : February 2004, I would have sold my house long ago had I been able to sell without owing a remainder of the mortgage. The problem is that in 2009 after years of this, and the result of a second cerebral hemorrhage ( lost much of my ability to organize and keep things in order( executive function disorder, my house was a mess. It was in bad shape and had to be cleaned out, and treated by an exterminator for flies. As said before he was definitely justified in complaining. He is also in law enforcement in NYC, he uses this asset when complaining to town, county agencies and to local
Politicians. Even when my house was and is now in fine shape he reports me constantly for violations but not for the reason he gives the agencies, for example he does not allow me to put bird seed out as my other neighbors do. He claims it brings rats. The actual resin is he and one other neughbor do not like birds to defecate on their cars. I no longer feed the birds, they're still here. As far as the rats, they must have expensive taste, the bird seed sits for days without being eaten. An example of other complaints and actions are : no lights on on the side of my house which was next to his, no talking in the same area, he and his wife go to bed at 7;00 pm. (I'm very quiet) he makes these demands in a menacing manner, when no one else is witness. He informed me that he videod me at all times and that it was legal. He now has hidden security cameras ( according to a neighbor) I have seen one solar generated camera. He threatened to ruin my career, etc. It may sound like an excuse but I was so afraid of him and one other neighbor, I was afraid to do anything: i.e. Put garbage out, garden in front if the house, he and one other neighbor and wife would sit outside and watch me. The neighborhood has been trying to decrease a population of feral cats- we are down from 30 to about 5. I've been very active in TNR, using my own money. Others feed them, but do not spat/ neuter he doesn't bother them, especially if there is a make in the household. I've had dog feces thrown at my front door, cat feces placed in my driveway, which backfired because my property had just been cleared by the local SPCA, and a neughbor witnessed them placing the feces on my driveway in the presence of a Syffolk County health code agent. The list goes on & on. For almost a year he would stand in his backyard & say "here kitty, here kitty " - he stopped recently after two cats were found dead, both probably poisoned. My apologies for such a long explanation but I find it necessary so the problem is fully understood. I have tried to hire an attorney. I've dpojen to the D.A's office, the Suffolk and Nassau county Bar associations, civil liberties organizations and individual attorneys. All suggested filing police reports which I have on several occasions, they also said to tread lightly because of retaliation and his career status. Several attorneys stated that he would drag this in court forever, costing a lot of money and solving very little. They suggested moving, continue filing police reports until he stopped. The Suffolk County Police department has been sympathetic for the most part. Several have refused to file reports, but one has stated that he will contact this man's commanding officer. Again, I fear retaliation. My house is clean but needs a lot of renovation. I'd like to report him, file a restraining order or least have an attorney send a cease and desist letter to him. He also put a fence up (partially)on my property. As I said, I have documented everything he and another neighbor have done, although very few were witnessed, or have police reports. Do you have any suggestions ? My apologies for such a long explanation.
Sincerely, *****
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Real Estate Law
Expert:  Damien Bosco replied 2 years ago.
Hello. What a situation! You already have told the police and have spoken to attorneys. Why can't you retain one of the attorneys to help you in this matter and write the cease and desist letter or file a nuance complaint or something similar?