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I own my mobile home and rent a lot I have a family member

Customer Question

I own my mobile home and rent a lot I have a family member that visits me 4 to 5 times a week for a couple of hours I am being told that I cannot have visitors that often I think my rights have been violated I am being threatened with a notice to vacate I have not received one yet I suffer from migraines and anxiety on a daily basis this is making it extremely worse and making my husband's blood pressure is dangerously high I am at a loss I do not know what to do I don't have the money for an attorney but I do want to fight for my right there is nothing in my perspective that says I cannot have visitors on a daily basis he does not spend the night he is only here a couple hours a day 4 or 5 days a week sometimes less what can I do about this it is making me sick that we have to worry about being vacated from the park and we own our mobile home
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Real Estate Law
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
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Expert:  Andrea, Esq. replied 2 years ago.
Hi, Welcome to JustAnswer, My name is ***** ***** goal is to give you excellent service today and give you some insight as to what your rights are and what you can an cannot do,Paying rent in the mobile home park gives you the same rights that you would have if you were renting a home or an apartment. Once you entered a rental agreement with the owner of the mobile home park, you had the legal right to place your mobile home in the designated rental space. There are certain rights which a renter receives as a result of the rental agreement . Some of these rights are spelled out in the rental or Lease Agreement. But, more importantly, there are certain rights which the law implies and these rights do not have to be spelled out in the lease Agreement. Ad, if the landlord breaches any of these rits which the law gives a renter, the landlord is held accountable and liable to the renter. I am specifically referring to a renter's right to the "Implied Covenant of Quiet Enjoyment". What this means is that when the owner of property enters a rental or lease agreement, he gives the "Right of Possession" to the renter during the lease term. Along with this right is the renter's "Right to Quiet Enjoyment of the leased property. " This means that once the landlord gives the right of possession to the renter, he cannot interfere in any way with the renter's right to the use and enjoyment of the property. And, when and if the landlord attempts to restrict these rights of the renter in any way, the landlord has breached the lease because he is interfering with the renter's rights to the use and "Quiet Enjoyment" of the property he is renting. In short, you are standing on very firm legal ground and any attempts on the part of the landlord to restrict these rights which the law implies in every lease and rental agreement, is a major breach by the landlord and for which the Courts will hold him accountable to you. I would wlcome the opportunity to explain this to you in detail and by telephone through JustAnswer's "Additional Services Offer", but I cannot locate the "Additional Services" button on the new format which JustAnswer is using. So, if you would be kind enough give me a few minutes to get in touch with one of the Moderators, I would really appreciate it, Okay ? I will return shortly and we can proceed from there, Okay ? ANDREA