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My husband has been staying at chinchpokli chawl since his

Customer Question

My husband has been staying at chinchpokli chawl since his birth i.e. 1969 but the house is on his mothers parents name but when they died it was declared that the owner of the house will be my mother-in-law but it was not in written statement only verbal my MIL's 2 brothers and other 2 sisters were given their share of property when parents were alive. since than my MIL was staying in this house but in 2009 the chawl was going for redevelopement and they were forcing us to leave the house. My husband did a mistake by not going through proper paper procedure such as transfer of maintenance receipt, light bill etc. But ration card, bank acc. driving license are on record to this chawls house its being 46 years to him of stay but recently he passed away on 9th july 2015. hence as per rules known to me of indian law the person who stays more than 2 to 10 years the owner of the house is himself and his family. i dont have any house to stay we have 2 daughters i am working women not earning too much 15k per month. Hence i need your help to solve this matter or anything that can be done so that i should be the owner of the house and my daughters will be legal heir.i have all the legal documents such as maintenance bill electricity bill which are on the name of grand parents of my husband. Please contact me on(###) ###-####
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Real Estate Law
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 2 years ago.
I apologize sincerely, ***** ***** represent anyone from this site.
You really need to get to a local attorney in India to try to fix this to allow you ownership in the house. You are talking about "adverse possession" or "squatter's rights" and because you have lived in the home as your own with your husband for all this time, you should legally get possession of the house. However, at this point you will need to get to the local legal assistance and they will file everything to make your adverse possession claim.

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