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How long is a zoning variance good Ohio

Customer Question

How long is a zoning variance good for in Ohio
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Real Estate Law
Expert:  CalAttorney2 replied 2 years ago.
Dear Customer,Zoning variances are going to be specific to the variance at issue (there is not a general rule or statute giving an expiration date for them).So you need to find the specific variance that you are looking for and determine the length of time that it was granted for (some expire when the property is transferred,, some do not expire - the property is permanently given a variance although this is very rare,, some expire in a fixed term,, and some expire based on a change in usage - for example a variance is given for a pre-existing use and when the owner stops using the property for that purpose the variance expires).So, to better direct your research, you can focus on the specific variance or ordinance at issue rather than general Ohio statutes and you will be able to find your answer.A zoning variance will generally be lodged with the building or zoning commission (whichever department is responsible for the zoning regulation or ordinance in question).