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In 2010 I discovered appraisal fraud by

Customer Question

This is not a duplicate In 2010 I discovered appraisal fraud by bank I have never applied for a mortgage but claimed to have purchased my mortgage. The county tax assessor claim my values (4 properties 2 lots on same street) increased up to 35% and the bank claimed I lost 80%. No one would provide a appraisal to back up or fund my investing projects. I filed BK11 in August 2010. During the POC filings it appear to be the same 6 lenders that purchase my mortgages. However in December of 2010 I began investigating and traced my mortgages back to REMIC trusts. I attempted to challenge, explain to jude, attnys that the POC were wrong. My plan was confirmed but filed objections to the fraudulent claims of bank ownership. Then a number of dishonest actions/motions were filed. No one would admit I was right and fake payment histories, etc. began appearing. I finally gave up attempting to litigate in BK11 or find someone who understood false ownership filings. As I read the laws around transfer, I could go to jail for agreeing to wrong party owning the mtg while they defrauded investors of a REMIC and it I tried to sell, I could go to jail for knowing I was involved with title slander. In November of 2013 I filed a 2nd BK11 in another state. 4 banks failed to file POC and 2 have filed POC but in the name of the REMIC I ID in 2010/2011. Any suggestions on how to handle lies? Credit Slander? Title Slander? I have a motion to lift stay on one of the 2 REMIC POC for Tuesday. I have substantial damages and cited a case I worked on where the client was awarded $6M ($1M damages $5M punitive) for altered docs. My case or my investigative work has now proven me right but I'm being railroaded. I objected to being converted to a BK7 in October but was advised the trustee could litigate on my estate behalf. The trustee has filed his 3 motion to extend while I'm being attacked and has provided no assistance. I had to file the objection to stay myself. Any suggestions?

Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Real Estate Law

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