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Lauren, We have couple of urgent questions and need an

Customer Question

Hi Lauren,
We have couple of urgent questions and need an answer as soon as possible.
The background of the situation is described after the questions.
1. The condo mgmn told me that they have sent me a violation for putting temporary windows AC in the condo. I spoke to architectural change manager in condo named Garay and he said that I can ignore the notice as he spoke to the my contractor and as new AC will be installed and windows units will be removed on Monday so it will be after the fact. Is it ok to ignore the violation notice? What if they come back later and say why the notice was ignored.
2. Is it ok to go to Garay's house if he does not respond to the phone and ask for the copy of the email in which he signed off that AC can be installed on Monday?
Here is the back ground ..
I have a condo rented out in Maryland. My neighbor (Self appointed condo mgmn president) who lives downstairs in condo building does not leave a chance to harass me. She used the name of the person who is not the part of management but a person to sign off on architectural changes Garay .
1. Recently the in closet furnace/AC at the condo died and the a company I had contract with came to replace it. As the AC was bigger than the previous one they decided to put the fan outside the closet, this lady called the police and banged on the door saying we are not following condo rules. Police came n talked to her instead of coming upstairs. We decided to stop the work and the contracting company put a temporary window unit for the tenant as it was extremely hot in the condo.
2. Luckily the contracting company found the new AC unit that is a like to like replacement and conforms to condo standards. She said I will still have to fill a form that I'm responsible for all the damages that be caused by AC replacement. I filled the form. However, one section said in that form was that I have to get permission from neighbors that is 'her'. I went to her house twice n knocked at the door to get that section filled out and she never opened the door. I spoke to management company (whom we pay condo fee to ) and they said I can just send the form n they will approve it but later they sent the form to the same lady as she is the internal self appointed president.
3. This morning she sent me the following mail
"Your application is incomplete. Garay wants to see the spec sheet on the unit. He is pretty mad about the window units too, so you need to get rid of them very quickly. The condominium violation process is about to start and the fines and hassles of this process are not pleasant.
By the way, your tenants have all been very quiet and I really appreciate it."
4. I called Gary and he said he never said he was mad he just wanted to get the model number of the new unit. And if I'm replacing for like to like no application is required. I asked the contractor to talk to him. After Garay spoke to contractor he was sending sign off to email to the management right away and we are good to replace the unit this coming Monday. Garay also said that by Tuesday you will get a "violation notice" with fine etc but you can ignore it as it will be after the fact as the installation will be completed on Monday.
Now the question is if she again creates problems on Monday bang on door or call the police what should I do? I have a verbal approval from Garay nothing in writing. And Garay asking me to ignore the "violation notice" and it is also verbal.
Thank you
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Real Estate Law
Expert:  WiseOwl58 replied 2 years ago.
Here are the responses: 1. I would get it in writing that it is OK to ignore the violation notice, since you will install on Monday. 2. Yes, it is OK to go to Garay's house and ring the bell and request the documentation if somebody answers the door. If they do not answer, obviously you cannot go into the house. Good luck to you, Anna. I wish you all the best.
Expert:  WiseOwl58 replied 2 years ago.
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All the best.