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I have collage boys living in a rental home.. their parents

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I have collage boys living in a rental home.. their parents have signed the lease and pay for them.. I was called to look at a toliet and in the basement and the trash there was alot of beer cans.. indicating a party.. also I think that someone is going in the unfinished attic and smoking something.. the lease says the home is non smoking.. the attic windows have been open when it is cold and there is little reason for anyone to be up there.. Am I liable for problems that may occur from accidents or the fact that these boys are drinking and not of age? Thank you!!
Hi! My name is XXXXX XXXXX I'll be the attorney assisting you.

You are not personally liable for their drinking unless you supplied them the alcohol.

You don't live there nor are responsible for their illegal conduct.

Do you mandate they have renters insurance?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for your answer.. I do not have a mandate that they have renters insurance.. I just became a landlord in the the last year and I am learning what things I should have for my lease.. I didn't require renters insurnance but did write in the lease that it is in the best interest of the tenant that they get it.

I wanted to keep my lease simple and easy but am finding out other terms that should be in the lease to protect me.

As a landlord I don't know if I can address the problem with them without voilationing privacy or if i can talk to their parents about it since the parents pay the rent..

You can talk to them because the parents are "guarantors" of the lease. Absolutely you can talk to them.

In fact, being both a parent and an attorney with children in college and hearing from other parents who have "guaranteed" the rent for their college children:

1) the parents are scared to death that they be charged additional monies


2) that their children are evicted - where can they go


3) that they are charged for damages


4) that their children are doing something illegal and you might call the police

So, absolutely call the parents - if you want to see your tenants jump - call their parents.

You will not have any problems in the future with them most likely.

However, you should, for future reference - have them purchase renter's insurance. You can set them up with your local insurance agent and he can suggest some minimum coverages that you can demand they purchase.

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