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I live in Washington State. I received a below listing price

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I live in Washington State. I received a below listing price offer on my home and signed a "residential real estate purchase and sale agreement" (specific terms), on Monday October 21st 2013. I contacted my real estate agent on Thursday October 24th and rescinded the acceptance of the offer, prior to the buyer putting their house on the market. On the 24th we signed a rescission of purchase & sale agreement, and withdrew my home off the Multiple Listings.

Do I now have to sell my house to this buyer, after signing a rescission of purchase & sale agreement?

Thank you. Brian.
Hello! My name is XXXXX XXXXX I look forward to helping and providing you information today.

I am sorry you are dealing with this situation. Typically the sale agreement in Washington will have a clause that gives the seller the ability to rescind the transaction upon providing proper notice. In theory, if the agreement does not provide for termination by seller, a buyer could sue for specific performance. Rarely in this circumstances does the buyer have a solid claim of specific performance, meaning suing the seller to force the sale. These types of suits, unless very unique circumstances exist which are not apparent in the facts presented situation, is not practical and rarely pursued.

The reality is that you are at very little risk to having to force sell your home to the buyer. To the extent the buyer has provided earnest money, that should be returned as soon as practical.

All my best & encouragement.

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