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We have recently moved to a new state for work and are/ will

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We have recently moved to a new state for work and are/ will be first time home buyers. We didn't do our research during summer and had an unhappy relationship with our previous buyer's agent.

Recently we wanted to try again, but we are also careful. We've gathered a list of few agents whom were either referred to us or made a good impression to us during open homes. We thought we would pick an agent who is most compatible with our believes and personality to represent us. Of the 5 agents whom we were originally interviewing, one of our favorites spoke very highly of his partner, especially diving into the fact that all of her clients were Asians. We liked him very much, but since he spoke so highly of his partner, we thought we would also talked to her as well, considering that we are Asian.

We sent her an e-mail and see if she would be interested in talking to us, in which she complied, although she also noted that she understands that we have just spoke to her partner but gave us no further information about where she stood. We didn't pay too much attention of that e-mail, since it was her partner who was speaking so highly of her during the interview.

The next day, right after going through a pleasant conversation with her over the phone, both of them immediately sent us an e-mail refusing to service us, and indicating that we were trying to make them compete against each other, and causing rips to their bond/friendship and accused us of being unethical. Both my husband and I, we felt like we were just being set up to fulfill some misconstrued preconception of us.

My question is if we are trotting over some legal issues by interviewing both partners? Neither partners mentioned to us that we were not suppose to talk to the other one, and it also seemed to us (based on the e-mails) that they have already known that we are interviewing them separately. If so, shouldn't she have flat out rejected our invitations to a chat in the first place? And also can they refuse service based on such grounds? We don't think we were intentionally trying to make them compete against each other for our cause (there are other agents who we are talking to)

Hello and welcome! My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will try my level best to help with your situation or get you to someone who can.
My question is if we are trotting over some legal issues by interviewing both partners?
I would opine no, you aren't doing anything wrong by interviewing both partners and anyone else you want to before you decide who you want to work with. You are the client and have a right to choose whoever you feel most comfortable with to act as your agent.
It is possible that they thought that you would go with the first realtor and that the second might just assist in any transaction. But that still wouldn't justify their reaction to you preferring the second realtor over the first. I am a little puzzled over their reactions because they have essentially given up a sale due to their internal squabble.
With that said, either or both of them could refuse to represent you for any reason if they didn't feel comfortable in doing so. In the same way you could choose not to hire them, they could refuse to work for you.
As an aside, I have also been a Realtor for over 13 years..
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