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Is Pristine Loss Mitigation a firm that I can rely and trust

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Is Pristine Loss Mitigation a firm that I can rely and trust for handling my loan modification option with Citibank who presently has my 1st and 2nd mortgage?
Welcome and thank you for your question. I am an Illinois licensed Attorney and it will be my pleasure to assist you.

Most of the mortgage rescue companies are a scam.

Are they charging you an up front fee?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes they are, $3995.00 for the 1st mortgage and $2495.00 for the second totaling $6490.00 in four payments of $1624.00 a month, taken ACH/electronic payment from my checking account. This is for handling and all the paperwork, communication and staying on top of having this loan mitigation get quickly through so the bank does not stall with the process like they are known to do in the past.

I did not find anything negitive about them. HUD said the same about the upfront fee, but I do not want to deal with the bank in constant calling them to process, reduce the rate orreduce the amount owed on my second mortgage. Ihave been current with ALL my payees up to September 2013. Basically, I need the bank to reduce the rate on the first and hopefully lessen to pennies on the dollar on the second mortgage. Back in 2009 when I lost, due to company going out of business, my job,I had no problem with ANY payments. When I had to do other work for over a year, i sepnt my savings, and started to use my credit cards to add to my payroll because it was $15.00 a hour less then what I used to make. Now, I got my self into 28K in C/C debt and mortgage payment per month, and it is really hard to get by, my wife does not work, she is taking care of her hospitalized Father and her Mother is not so far behind him. My pay is now $5.50 per hour less then what I used to make befor all this started. They said that I would have no trouble in getting this Federal assistance on Mortgage reduction after they saw that I was in a negitive $350.00 per month for income. They said that the Federal gidelines are strict in doing so and you must meet the criteria, and that I did after showing them my monthly costs,and what I make for take home pay to try to pay the bills. What flagged me on this were two things, the payment up front, but they are doing all the leg work, I am only supplying the reason with proof, and the said that I should not pay my mortgage or the 2nd mortgage, and if the bank asks why just tell them and give them my Case Worker's name and direct phone number to talk to. Also they want me to send all the correspondence that I have with the bank to them to keep on file so they know what the bank said to me and my reply. They want every month a ultility bill, payroll stub and bank statement to see if my finances are equally consistant. They sat it woud take around 90-120 days to get a final result with reduction. I questioned them on this and they were not slighted at all, infact they said that they are glad that I asked thede questions where and why and they invite me to keep on asking such questions, so they can answer them. I just do not want to cancel them if they are legitimate and that the real scammers use some of the legitimate tactics in such a process for their advantage thus making all the legitimate people look scammy. The owner of Pristine and affiliates, corporate office in Anaheim Hills, CA. was a judge, has alot of law degrees, you can view this on line at . Should I cancel thir services?? - Mario Maiorano

I looked into them.

They are out of California and the California Attorney General has stated that upfront fees are illegal and warned about mortgage rescue scams.

Let me provide you with the information.


The best thing to do is contact Lisa Madigan's office and ask them if Pristine is on their radar



The Attorney General can also provide information on loan modification programs and assistance available in the state. You may wish to file a complaint for investigation with AG so they can assist you with Citibank




File a complaint with the FTC at


You can also contact The Office of the Comptroller of the currency at


Please feel free to ask me any additional questions that you may have with regard to this matter. It would be my pleasure to continue to assist you.

Attyadvisor and other Real Estate Law Specialists are ready to help you
Thank you.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I sent signed letter of cancellation which was in both service agreements
.I signed them on Oct.3, 2013 and cancelled today Oct. 5, 2013. It stated that I had 5 working days to cancel.

Would you take me for a client to get a mortgage reduction on both my mortgages so I can live alittle less stressful?

Thank you.

Mario Maiorano

Unfortunately, the terms of service for the site prohibit the attorneys from personally representing the customers. I am here if you have any more questions and I am happy to help.

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